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Vinyl Banners: 3 Factors When Creating Marketing Materials

In the marketing world, 90% of the battle is capturing the attention of a potential client and drawing them into the door of your business. Visual marketing materials such as vinyl banners, exterior signs, or coroplast yard signs will catch the eye of a business’ target audience during their daily activities. The difference a promotional product, brochure, or a well placed feather flag can sway a potential customer into making a sale is remarkable. A potential 3 second connection with said marketing material can make all the difference and bridge the connection needed to convert your potential target market into a paying customer.  However, the simple act of purchasing and displaying of any of the marketing materials listed above or the many others provided at our AlphaGraphics Wilmington, NC printing company does not always guarantee a sale; there are multiple factors that come into play when creating an alluring marketing item for the world to see. To easily break those down for you, here are the 3 Factors in Creating Marketing Materials. For explanatory purposes, we will be using Vinyl Banners as a running example for the rest of your read since AlphaGraphics Wilmington, NC printing services has an amazing promotion going on for Vinyl Banners throughout the month of June 2019. (Details will be listed below.)

Hooking 'Em In - Grabbing Your Audience’s Attention

Branding is everything in the marketing world. The first impression given to a potential customer  can determine their entire future outlook of your company and the standard of work you can provide for them. In some cases, a customer’s entire experience with your company may be reduced down to the image your business puts out to the public. Having something to catch the eye of your target market, such as a Vinyl Banner, can go a long way in building your business’ growth and driving paying customers into your door. It is required to have key copy written on marketing materials that highlights important information you will want your consumer to be aware of.  An example could be a catchy slogan or phrase that would entice your audience to look twice at your company. This could easily be the deciding factor of whether they will be coming into your store for the first time or the return of a previous customer. This is your opportunity to let potential customers know why they should work with you while presenting the key points of your company that they otherwise may never have known. On a Vinyl Banner provided by AlphaGraphics Wilmington NC printing center, not only can your company name be printed across the top, but a logo, special promotions, and even special events can be made aware of easily by signage like this.

Location Location Location - Placement of a Vinyl Banner

The placement of your sign or any marketing materials for that matter is a major determining factor on how many eyes will be seeing it. This is will directly correlate with the amount of customers walking through the door. If a sign is tucked inside a small alley that has zero foot traffic and no visibility to the street, how effective do you think this sign will be? That is why the placement of marketing materials always needs to be taken into consideration and thoroughly thought out. A Vinyl Banner made at AlphaGraphics ILM is a great tool in aiding word of mouth because, put in the right location, it can be a quick, easy, and cost efficient solution for any type of event or promotion. Direct visibility of any marketing material could make or break the success of the signage. For example, having a vinyl banner displayed across the entryway of a business that has a prominent promotion that is only going on for a limited time would generate more business in this location in comparison to a banner placed only in the back of the store by the restrooms. High traffic areas are the best place to display your marketing materials because the more pedestrians’ eyes that see it, the more people that could potentially give you their business.  

Got the Right Flow - Cohesiveness of Marketing Materials

It is vital for a company’s brand identity to have a thorough marketing plan that flows fluidly throughout all of their marketing materials. A brand’s identity is the essence of their values and morals as a company which they want to convey to their customers clearly. The consistency and cohesiveness of the information provided to the customer is essential when delivering prices, promotions, and their brand in general. AlphaGraphics printing services at our Wilmington NC location has in house graphic designers who can provide this service for you. It not only appears more professional but also alleviates confusion for first time customers. For example, don’t have a website or social media platform that advertises your company’s updated phone number as a contact, but on the Vinyl Banner outside your store front advertise an outdated phone number. If your platforms and marketing materials are not cohesively synced with one another than issues may arise that will only put your business at a disadvantage. 

Your Wilmington, NC Vinyl Banner Design & Print Resource

In need of a banner for school, work, or sporting event? You’ve come to the right place! All of June 2019, AlphaGraphics Wilmington NC is having a special promotion running in which all Vinyl Banners are only $5 per square foot. Give us a call today to get a free estimate!  Located in Wilmington, NC AlphaGraphics is a printing center that does in house printing with a 1 to 3 business day turnaround rate. AlphaGraphics Wilmington, NC is also a one stop shop for all things print, marketing and signage related to accommodate all personal and business needs. Give our Wilmington, NC location a call at 910-791-9767 for any questions you may have. Let us help you get noticed and get business! Vinyl Banners Wilmington NC Print Services

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