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What Makes An Effective Direct Mail Postcard?

In today’s overwhelming digital landscape, the opportunity for exposure with direct mail couldn’t be better!  Whether you own a local retail store, a business that provides a service or a healthcare practice, a direct mail postcard offers an effective way to break through the digital clutter and be seen. After all, are your patients more likely to display a postcard reminder from your clinic on their fridge or an email reminder print out?  The postcard every time!  Here are ways to get the leads and engagement you want from an effective direct mail postcard.  
The most important part of your direct mail campaign is knowing who your target is and why.  Even the best direct mail pieces fall flat when sent to the wrong target audience.  Understanding your intended recipient increases the effectiveness of your message or offer.  Where to find them is easy with the help of mailing and fulfillment servicesEDDM (every door direct mail) is great for reaching potential customers in and around your business.   For help generating and converting leads, consider services such as lead generation and list acquisition.  
Never underestimate the power of imagery!  A striking can’t-miss design is what captures attention and reinforces your message.  Studies have shown that visuals not only increase retention, but they also help make sense of the content.  Investing in talented graphic design will communicate your message loud and clear.  
Content drives responses and engagement when your message is aligned with both your sales objectives and your target audience.  Effective marketing solutions convey powerful content that results in increased sales, long-lasting relationships, and consistent brand exposure.   The Offer The better the offer, the better the response!  Giving your audience a compelling reason to read and take you up on your offer is critical to a successful direct mail campaign.  Examples of effective offers include limited-time offers, free product demonstrations, discounted services, events, and promotional product giveaways.  
Branding and Identity
Clearly defined and consistent branding and identity tell your potential customers who you are and what you have to offer.  A postcard that is visually compatible with your overall branding increases the likelihood it will get opened.  


To develop a direct mail postcard marketing campaign that is best suited for your business, give us a call.  From concept to mailing, we are here to help you create an eye-catching, one of a kind mailer.  We have two convenient locations in the Twin Cities, one in downtown Minneapolis and another in Apple Valley.  At both locations, you’ll find knowledgeable, experienced professionals ready to help your business get noticed and get business. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote.

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