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How to Win Over Millennials With Print Communications

By the end of the decade, millennials are expected to overtake baby boomers as the largest generation. Media consumption will continue to evolve as more and more millennials enter the workforce and therefore gain purchasing power.  Everyone knows the value that an integrated marketing approach brings, but when it comes to millennials, print marketing can have an added advantage. Why? Because millennials are open and eager for print communications when most everything else they see is on a screen.  Here are tips for using print communications to win over the millennial generation.
Step 1: Branding and identity that provides a clear value  
Millennials have been bombarded with advertising since they could walk so they expect more compared to other demographics.  Get the upper hand in an oversaturated market by using succinct copy and graphic design with vibrant images.  The power of print is real and a brochure with a strong message and bold imagery can provide a lasting impression and more impact than an online ad.  And, an exceptionally printed postcard or newsletter won’t get buried in an in-box because unlike its digital counterpart, it offers a physical experience.  
Step 2: Increased Trackability
Unlike generations before, millennial’s affinity for their smartphones offers the perfect collaboration of print and online marketing communications.  Due to their exaggerated amount of screen time, millennials crave information in other formats making print marketing, in many ways, a powerful tool to integrate with an online campaign.  Supercharge your direct mail postcard by including social media, QR code or a personalized URL landing page.  These all provide valuable trackability and engage your audience across multiple media channels.
Step 3: Less is More
Millennials are used to having information and answers at their fingertips so create marketing pieces, such as direct mail, that instantly and clearly tells about your offer and the benefits. No long letters or lengthy text. Your marketing pieces should be easily digestible, engaging and point them toward a next step to find additional information (see step 2 for ideas!) or to take action.  Concentrating on succinct benefit-driven content and instant visuals will pay off with this generation and is an important consideration when designing a print marketing piece.   


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