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You’ve survived those many long hours editing, proofing and rewriting. You’ve tied it all together and are finally satisfied with the content of your masterpiece. Congratulations. Now it’s time to entice potential readers to pick up your book and look inside.

Seeing your book’s cover is the first and often the only chance a person has of finding and reading your book. So it is critical that the book’s cover design is striking. Along with the cover, the book’s title needs to convey what’s inside, as well as the genre and tone of the book.


The artists and print specialists at AlphaGraphics have the skills and creativity to design a book cover that successfully depicts the message inside your book. Since cover artists generally will not be reading your entire book, it’s important to provide them with a synopsis and earmark a few key passages. The pages you share serve as a springboard to convey the essence of your book.

For cover ideas, go to local bookstores or and look at the covers of books in your genre. Search for book covers that pop off the page and ask yourself why those book covers are so effective. Tell the cover artist at AlphaGraphics what elements caught your eye.

When considering the typography and artwork for your book cover, remember that the dimensions need to be readable even when reduced to a thumbnail size. While you’re looking at covers, check out the sizing of various books. Which sizes appeal to you? Which are practical for your genre?

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Your book size should be the same size as other books in your genre.


  • Trade paperbacks - Most self-published books are trade paperbacks and the size is usually 5-½” x 8-½” or 6” x 9.” This page proportion of ⅔ has traditionally been considered an ideal book page.

  • Manuals and Workbooks - These are usually larger 8” x 10” or 8-½” x 11.” This size works well for graphics and detailed drawings and it lends itself to a 2-column text layout, which efficiently uses the space on the page.

  • Novels - The most popular size is 5-½” x 8’½”, but sometimes 5-¼” x 8” is used. Memoirs, short story collections or essay collections are also these two sizes. To avoid being too bulky, larger novels can be as large as 6” x 9.”

  • Nonfiction - Most nonfiction titles are 6” x 9.” If space is needed for sidebars or pull quotes, 7” x 10” is a good solution.

  • Photography or art books - These books don’t conform to any particular size. They range from very small to big, heavy “coffee-table” books. Many artists and photographers select a square or nearly square book size to allow for horizontal and vertical pictures to have about the same amount of white space on the page.

An alluring design on the front cover encourages potential readers to take a further look inside. When they turn the book over, a concise, impactful synopsis draws the reader into your story. The special content of your book deserves the expert attention of AlphaGraphics artists. They know how to create a cover design that captures potential readers. Sometimes it's that adept attention to the little details that inspire a reader to invest in your writing.



At AlphaGraphics, we know that successful marketing begins with compelling designs and text that grab the attention of your target readership.


  • A visually appealing cover
  • Synopsis and biographical content
  • Page layout and design


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At AlphaGraphics, our graphic designers know what it takes to create outstanding book cover designs that grab the attention of readers. We’ll work closely with you to craft imagery that complements and enhances your storyline, compelling perusers to read on.

We’ll also provide assistance and recommendations for obtaining an ISBN number and barcodes for your book. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.

The ISBN can be translated into a worldwide compatible barcode format. Barcode scanning is a required step for many retailers in the sales transaction process for book-related items. At AlphaGraphics we create 
a complete solution for you to self-publish your work.

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Are you ready to share your masterpiece with the world? Contact AlphaGraphics to get started!


Have you ever wanted to write and publish your own book? Well wait no longer.

At AlphaGraphics on Camelback, we want to make sure you look like a Pulitzer prize winning author by printing your novel, biography, short story, children's book or set of poems. We can help you create a stunning cover design, sharp page layout and even get your book registered with the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). We print soft cover (perfect bound) and hardbooks (casebound) as well as plastic or wire coil binding.


Full color or black and white is not a problem with us. Want to try out e-publishing first before you commit to print? No problem. We can convert your Microsoft Word files into a first-class e-book that you can sell online. We also help self-publishers with distribution, shipping, ecommerce web sites and direct fulfillment of your small to large orders. 


Book options like foil stamped covers or spines, custom matching fly sheets or index pages, full color insert or dusk jackets . . .  you name it, we can assist you.


Self-publishing has never been easier, and when we make your book perfect bound, you look perfect too. We also can coil bind your book in a variety of coil colors, and in either standard plastic coil (also known as continuous coil), or metal wire-"O" binding.


Both coil binding and wire-”O” lay flat and are great for cookbooks, workbooks and music books. We can also register your books with all the online registrars so your book can be officially found on the internet.


If you need copywriting help or editing, we would be happy to assist. We work with a group of vetted editors that know how to get it right, and on a budget. We provide  copywriting services for all media types including book covers, brochures, booklets, websites, direct mail and other marketing materials.


Some of the books we print are: Cookbooks, Family Memoirs, Technical Manuals, Workbooks, Novels, Short Stories, Poems, Children's Books, and books for independent writers. All our work is done onsite, right in our Camelback Road facility.


Lastly, don't underestimate the cover. People DO judge a book by its cover. We have some top-notch graphic artists that know the elements that make up a good cover design. Ask us to see some samples. We would be happy to show you some previously printed books done for a variety of clients, at all price ranges.

You can rely on the AlphaGraphics team to create a captivating, dynamic piece of cover art that draws in prospective readers.

If you would like to speak to our self-publishing staff, call 602-515-0265 and ask for Larry Furlong, or email Larry at: LFURLONG@ALPHAGRAPHICS.COM

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