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Trade show and event advertising are an investment in your brand. You want visitors to associate your banners and pop up displays with quality & ingenuity. Let the printing experts at AlphaGraphics Camelback help. Call us at 602-263-0122.

Top Reasons Our Banners Stand Out in Phoenix

AlphaGraphics Camelback offers top-tier retractable pop-up banners featuring zippered carrying cases for optimal convenience. Available in many sizes, including 24, 36, and 48 inches wide (by 80 inches tall), to name a few. With our lightning-fast turnaround times of just 24-48 hours, we cater to last-minute event planning needs seamlessly. Our custom retractable banners are printed using vibrant, long-lasting UV inks specifically designed to withstand the harsh Arizona sun. Experience the perfect blend of quality, speed, and durability for your next event with AlphaGraphics Camelback. When you need pop-up display printing solutions in any pull-up banner size, call AlphaGraphics Camelback. Contact us today to elevate your branding effortlessly.

Pop-up & retractable banner printing designed to grab the attention of a passersby

Customers and prospects should be impressed from the moment they set eyes on your advertising materials such as retractable banners, pop-ups, and displays. We’ll let you in on a little secret … size does matter. That’s why AlphaGraphics Camelback offers a diverse selection of large format, high-impact printing solutions like retractable banners, banner stands, and pop-up banners. Our most popular 36" wide x 90" pop-up retractable banner can be printed in as little as 24-48 hours or less. We do our banner printing onsite, right here at our Phoenix facility, and never ship them off site or out of the state for production.  Remember, in as little as 1 to 2 business days we can produce a premium quality pop-up retractable banner print with zippered carrying case. The metal stand is silver in color, durable in construction, and made to last. 

Custom retractable banner printing, (also called pop-up banners) is a must for any marketing or promotions department. AlphaGraphics Camelback is your go-to source when you need pop-up banner printing near you. Save on shipping and order your roll up banner printing in Phoenix and we will be happy to deliver directly to your office, meeting room, hotel, or conference center.

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Why our retractable banner stands?

Sometimes you have limited wall space to hang a banner. Other times, you don’t have the tools or structure in place to display them properly. AlphaGraphics Camelback has been in the business and serving Phoenix for over 50 years, and we understand your business needs. That's why we print attention-grabbing graphics and also provide the perfect fittings to show off your banners. When you need banner stand printing fast, think of AlphaGraphics Camelback.

So you caught their attention... now what?
Impress and inform event visitors with high-quality printed materials. All materials printed onsite in as little as 24 hours right here in the Biltmore area.

Materials that will last

Like any investment, you want your banners to stand for your brand long-term. Your marketing materials need to withstand repeated use or seasonal display. AlphaGraphics Camelback produces banners, banner stands, and pop-up banners with durable, high-quality materials that are made to last. You may call them roll up banners, or pop up banners, we don't care, remember when you want them fast, call AlphaGraphics Camelback for all your stand up banner printing needs.

Banner Stands, Retractable Banners
and Banner Pull-Ups in Phoenix, Arizona - FAST!

Spotlight on Success with Our Banners at Top Phoenix Events

Discover the difference with our outdoor vinyl banners, a staple at top events in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Cost-effective and impactful, these banners enhance brand visibility at trade shows, festivals, and corporate gatherings. Engineered for visual appeal and easy setup, our banners excel in high-traffic settings, ensuring your brand takes center stage. Elevate your event presence with our premium outdoor vinyl banners. As a local provider of first-rate banners for over 40 years, AlphaGraphics Camelback has been honored to promote many of the largest events and venues you commonly frequent. Reach out today to amplify your brand's impact!

Pop-up & retractable banner printing designed to grab the attention of a passerby

Our premium, easy-to-set-up banner stands can be easily updated with new inserts. The most common size, 36" wide x 80" (or up to 90") tall, are priced at $299 each and come with a durable great zippered carrying case. These metal, well-constructed roll up banner displays can be produced in as little as 24 hours from your print-ready PDF file (or same day with a rush fee, pending availability). They also come in lots of other sizes such as 24" wide, or the larger 48" or 60" width, and also 80" tall. We stock them locally at our convenient Phoenix location in the Biltmore area, so fast delivery is not a problem. Note, all production is done onsite at our 10,000 square foot production facility, never sent off site or shipped in. Stand up banner printing is our thing, so give us a call today at 602-263-0122.

We even make smaller tabletop versions as well. Durable with a telescopic pole designed for years of service. Suitable for outdoor use, these banners are printed with UV-resistant inks and won't fade for years in the harsh Phoenix sun. All come with a lifetime warranty on a metal stand. Custom printed retractable banners (stand up banners) are a must have to easily market or promote sales, new products, and events. Roller banner printing has never been easier, so give us a call at 602-263-0122 for your next pop-up banner. Banner stand printing is all done onsite and generally in 2-3 days at most.

Need help with our layout or design? Give us a call. We have a team of degreed professional graphic designers who can take your logo or branding information and create a vivid, eye-catching pop-up banner that gets noticed. A doodle on a napkin and your logo in a vector file format is all we need to get started. So, stop by AlphaGraphics Camelback for your next pop-up retractable banner. Serving the Biltmore and Arcadia areas for over 50 years.

Our banner stand options:

  • Retractable banners and banner ups
  • Stand up and pop up banners
  • Banner stands
  • Grommets and reinforcements for hanging if needed

Our printed material options include: 

  • Flyers and brochures
  • Clever giveaways and apparel
  • Booklets and catalogs
  • Eye-catching business cards
  • Modern signs and promotional banners
  • Industry-specific infographics

Our marketing materials incorporate:

  • QR codes
  • PURLs
  • SMS short codes
  • Social media profiles

Creating your print ready file for your pull-up banner?

Setting up your pull-up or pop-up banner artwork could not be easier, especially if you're looking to print banners in Phoenix with AlphaGraphics Camelback's help. For example, the most popular size is 36" wide x 80" tall (or as tall as 90" if you like). Start by creating a simple rectangle vertical page layout in the final finished size (i.e. 36" wide x 80" to 90" tall for this example) in your page layout program such as Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, or even Canva online. Unless your pull-up banner is for a specific event or function, we suggest keeping the text or copy generic enough that you can use the pop-up banner for many different occasions, such as trade shows, product launches, and open houses. Remember to make the text large enough to read at a distance, so limit the amount of copy. The text should be distinctive enough that when blended with your logo and brand colors, an existing customer would recognize your brand. Another item to consider when creating your artwork is that often the pull-up banner is situated behind a trade show table, so be careful of what information or copy you place "below the fold" or middle section as it may not be easily seen or covered with the table in certain conditions.

Once you have set up your pull-up or pop-up banner page layout, export it to a high-resolution print ready PDF file at 100% size and you are ready for print. If your layout software has page size limitations, create your page size at 50% (for the example below, you would then create a page 18" wide x 40" tall) and we can enlarge your PDF file to the final print size during the final print production.

As far as pictures and graphics, make them at least 200 dpi when viewed at 100% size. When you are designing your pop-up banner, remember that most are viewed from a distance of at least 6 to 10 feet away, so larger graphics and images will serve you better. Leave the small or fine print to other printed collateral. Remember, less is more when designing an effective pop-up or pull up banner.

Start your retractable banner printing project for your Phoenix business

Ordering your pop-up banner is very easy, and can be done online here. You can also upload your file to our FTP site by clicking here, or you can email your order to our general email box at, or call us at 602-263-0122.

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