Custom Kiosk Displays

Whether you’re providing relevant information to customers via a retail display, or marketing your brand at a trade show, custom kiosks are a versatile way to interact with your customers.

Custom kiosk displays for directions, multimedia, interaction, marketing & more

Made from a variety of sturdy, adaptable materials, custom-printed kiosk display solutions from AlphaGraphics Camelback are a streamlined way to position your brand front and center while keeping your business's valuable marketing materials organized. Custom-wrapped kiosks can be indoors, or outside and incorporate electronics like tablets (Apple iPads for example) or displays like flat-screen TVs. We can use stock kiosks and "wrap" them with your company's branding or messaging, or create custom printed Kiosks for specialized uses.

In recent years, four out of five customers — 79% — report that kiosks make customer service and product ordering faster and simpler. Check out 2023 Square Future of Restaurants Report. Not surprisingly, 44% of consumers said kiosks help them to select and review the menu at their own speed, and 38% said kiosks aid them to more easily search the menu for their favorite items.

Custom printed kiosks have emerged as a leading tool to help businesses and restaurants control costs, energize and drive sales, and streamline the customer experience.

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Give customers what they are looking for

The consumers of today want accurate, real-time facts about products and services before they make purchasing decisions. Many consumers rely on mobile devices to find information in-store or at events—but is there a better way? What if you could provide a visceral, informative experience for customers, on-site, without any risk of losing them to the online marketplace? A kiosk display might be the perfect fit for your business.

Cutting-Edge Kiosk Displays

Kiosks provide a multi-media experience for users through tablets, TVs, or computer screens. They also allow multiple display options like poster or sign holders and literature pockets. Kiosks create an interactive workspace for employees as well as a virtual product information brochure for customers.

Options to Bring Your Custom-Made Kiosk Vision to Life

Our custom-printed or wrapped kiosk assemblies are appealingly modern and extremely versatile. We can help you design the ideal setup for your space, objectives, and budget. Need a specialized kiosk to hold a tablet (Apple iPad) or flat screen or touch screen? Not a problem. We can even custom wrap your existing kiosk with custom display graphics and messaging. Give us a call at 602-263-0122 for more info. Ask to speak to one of our kiosk experts.

Consider adding:

  • Uprights
  • Shelves
  • Pocket arms
  • Graphics
  • Video brackets
  • Backlighting
  • Swiveling iPad holders

Consider a kiosk for:

  • Streamlining employee application processes
  • Patient self-service
  • Running educational programs (at museums, schools or trade shows)
  • Reservations and ticketing (for movies, hotels or events)
  • Product and service demonstrations
  • Data collection through surveys

40+ Years of Experience Working with Phoenix Companies

AlphaGraphics Camelback has over 40 years of working with businesses in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a deep understanding of the local Phoenix market and its unique demands when it comes to custom-printed kiosk solutions. From simple cut vinyl lettering on a kiosk, to elaborate full-color custom printed and wrapped kiosks. We understand the initial design and layout, thru premium laminated full-color vinyl wraps and installation. From small ice cream and hot dog carts, food trucks, reception, and conference walls, to the Apple iPad Kiosk at your front entrance. 

Industries AlphaGraphics Camelback Works With

Financial, Check-in, Grocery stores, Job applications, Vending, Fast food, Casinos, Ticketing, Directory Maps, Reception desks, Trade Shows

In today’s fast-paced, do-it-yourself world it's no wonder custom printed kiosks and self-service kiosks are increasing in popularity and are sprouting up in more locations. At AlphaGraphics Camelback, we help create kiosks for Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Financial, Check-in, Grocery stores, Job applications, Vending, Fast food, Casinos, Ticketing, Directory Maps, and Reception desks. From quick self-service check-in at hotels to ATMs and retail vending machines, businesses everywhere are taking advantage of using well-designed and branded kiosks. The main goal and attraction for businesses is not having to staff a kiosk, the user-friendly nature of these machines draws customers in. Remember, at one time, ATMs were the only kind of kiosk around. Now, custom printed kiosks with bright wraps are used in grocery stores, casinos and hotels, and trade shows.

Custom printed kiosks are a low-cost way for many businesses to offer an enhanced customer experience while at the same time jump-starting the top and bottom lines.

For example, in retail stores, custom-printed kiosks are being used to place orders, locate inventory and pricing, search for new and out-of-stock products, and access loyalty rewards programs, customized discounts, and sales.

In food service locations, custom-printed kiosks speed customers to bypass service lines at checkout and take advantage of customer loyalty program offers.

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