Magnetic Business Signs

Grab attention with vibrant magnetic business signs and graphics for your business.Give us a call at 602-263-0122.

Magnetic graphics are a versatile way to make a statement

AlphaGraphics Camelback offers quality custom magnets for every purpose imaginable—so you can elevate brand awareness with finesse.

Magnetic graphics are an inexpensive, repositionable alternative to permanent signs and vehicle wraps. Give us a call at 602-263-0122.

Explore Innovative Ideas for Business Advertising Magnets

Magnetic calendars: Hand out magnetic calendars with your logo and contact information to clients.

Appointment reminders: Give patients handy appointment reminders with a list of emergency numbers.

Door magnets: Gear up your company vans and trucks with eye-catching door magnets.

Promotional items: Give away uniquely shaped fridge magnets and magnetic business cards at events and trade shows.

No matter your promotional idea, custom magnetic business signs will make a bold statement that will be seen over and over again.

Magnetic graphics options

Some magnetic graphic options include:

  • Retail displays
  • Refrigerator reminders
  • Magnetic business cards
  • Vehicle magnets – large or small
  • Magnetic signs
  • Magnetic promotional items
  • Photo magnets
  • Save the date magnets
Our magnetic graphic services include:
  • Professional graphic design
  • Custom-cut shapes and sizes
  • Varying magnetic stocks and thicknesses
  • UV and weather resistant ink and coatings
  • Advanced black-and-white, spot color, or full-color printing

Maximize Visibility with Personalized Vehicle Magnets

At AlphaGraphics Camelback, we're not just about printing; we're about making your brand shine, especially on the go! Have you ever thought about how a simple drive around Phoenix can turn into a prime advertising opportunity? That's where our vehicle magnets come into play. Picture this: your vehicle, cruising down Phoenix, not just getting from A to B, but also showcasing your brand, loud and clear. That's what we offer - a moving billboard that's as flexible as your business needs. Whether it’s a one-time event or a year-round brand push, these magnets are the silent salesmen you didn't know you needed.

But why choose AlphaGraphics Camelback for your vehicle magnets? We're not just another print shop; we're your local branding experts. We know Phoenix like the back of our hand and understand what grabs attention in our vibrant city. From sleek designs for your seasonal promotions to bold visuals for long-term brand recognition, we tailor each magnet to suit your unique message. And let's talk quality – because when it comes to your brand, only the best will do. We're committed to providing top-notch, durable vehicle magnets that withstand the Arizona sun and still look great. They're not just durable; they're mobile masterpieces! We're here to transform your vehicles into marketing powerhouses. Give us a call at 602-263-0122, and let's make your brand the talk of the town. 

Magnetic Sign Solutions Tailored for Phoenix Businesses

Vehicle magnets from AlphaGraphics Camelback are more than just marketing tools; they are custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of your Phoenix-based business or nonprofit. With over 40 years of experience in the Valley, we have a deep understanding of how to align these magnets with your specific goals and brand identity. Our collaborative design process ensures that each magnet is not only visually appealing but also communicates your message effectively to the local audience.

For businesses engaging in short-term promotions, seasonal campaigns, or seeking long-term brand awareness, our vehicle magnets offer the flexibility and durability needed for any marketing strategy. At AlphaGraphics Camelback, we specialize in creating high-quality, durable vehicle magnets that act as mobile billboards. This approach allows us to maximize the reach and impact of your marketing efforts across diverse audiences in Phoenix.

We take pride in our ability to deliver tailored solutions. Our expertise in design and printing empowers businesses and nonprofits to stand out in a competitive environment with vehicle magnets that are both unique and impactful. Partnering with AlphaGraphics Camelback means choosing a dedicated team committed to elevating your brand through innovative and effective vehicle magnet designs.

High-quality Magnetic Sign Material

In the harsh Arizona sun, the importance of using high-quality magnetic sign materials cannot be overstated. The relentless sun and intense heat and UV rays can take a toll on lesser-quality materials, causing fading, warping, and deterioration over time. At AlphaGraphics Camelback, we recognize the significance of durability when it comes to magnetic signs exposed to the Arizona climate. By utilizing top-notch materials, our magnetic signs not only resist fading but also withstand the extreme temperatures, ensuring a longer lifespan and sustained visual impact.

The investment in high-quality materials pays off in the longevity of the magnetic signs, allowing businesses to maintain a vibrant and professional image despite the challenging environmental conditions. AlphaGraphics Camelback prioritizes the use of materials that can endure the Arizona sun, providing clients with signage solutions that stand up to the elements and continue to represent their brands effectively.

Whether you’re a baker, real estate agent, daycare owner or florist, magnetic graphics will add spice and dimension to your marketing mix.

Ready to get started? We can make just about any of your signs magnetic receptive. Check also our sign printing services and see what else we have to offer!

Contact a member of our marketing team today, and we’ll help you design creative magnetic promotions with staying power.

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