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Customized stationery, envelopes, and letterhead for your business correspondence. Professional design, wide paper selection with quality offset one-color PMS or full-color printing services. Get noticed. Get business. Call us at 602-263-0122.

Stand out from the crowd with our custom stationery printing services. Turn simple business correspondence into memorable branded interactions.

AlphaGraphics Camelback offers custom printed envelopes, stationery, and letterhead solutions that neatly tie the elements of your message together—so your mailers start a conversation with recipients. Every communication that leaves your office is an opportunity to build relationships with potential clients and stakeholders. That’s why your brand should be front and center in all your printed correspondence no matter if it's an envelope or letterhead. Want something new? Stop by and look at our many samples, paper, and ink options, or maybe dress it up with custom shiny foil stamping or embossing. We offer many premium quality bonded and writing papers to choose from.
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Getting started

When you work with AlphaGraphics Camelback, you'll get:

  • Professional design and copywriting services
  • Gorgeous pre-made templates for faster orders
  • A broad spectrum of paper colors, types, and weights
  • On demand, full-color printing with low minimum orders

Our complete brand identity kits, including:

  • Concept and design
  • Stationery, envelopes, and letterhead
  • Invoices and multi-part forms
  • Business cards, FAST!

Custom Letterhead & Stationery Printing Services Right Here in Phoenix, Arizona

Is it time to refresh your company’s image? Create a bold look for your letterhead and stationery with the help of the printing professionals at AlphaGraphics in Phoenix.

With AlphaGraphics Camelback, it’s easy to create custom envelopes, letterhead, and stationery that will do wonders for your business. We guarantee friendly service from a staff of knowledgeable graphic designers and marketing professionals, as well as a quick turnaround time, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Choose from many types of paper finishes or textures:

  • Linen - looks and feels like a fine linen fabric.  It has a subtle embossed texture. Linen paper is classic and elegant.
  • Laid - emulates the look and feel of handmade paper. Its texture is made of horizontal and vertical ribs known as “chain lines.”
  • Cotton - naturally strong and soft with a subtle texture and enduring resilience.
  • Felt - luxurious finish with a deep, rich embossed texture that is strong and durable.

Customizing your letterhead and stationery

Do you prefer a professional look for your letterhead and stationery, or something more personal or out of the ordinary? Our team at AlphaGraphics Camelback will help create customized letterhead and stationery that showcases your company’s brand.


  • Printing with a 2-color or full-color 4-color offset press
  • Spot PMS Pantone color or full-color printing
  • Finishing options include embossing, foil stamping, and corner rounding
  • A variety of paper stocks including smooth, linen, felt, laid, lines, cotton, and watermark

Assorted Envelope Sizes to Cater to All Your Business Needs

Selecting the correct envelope sizes for each application can be tricky. As you may guess, there are many different sizes and options best used for specific mailings. Many envelope sizes are identified by a single number, like #9 or #10, so it can be confusing to understand which are best for your project or mailing. At AlphaGraphics Camelback, we’ve put together this informative envelope size guide to help you compare envelopes with various sizes, materials, and closure designs. Check out the graphics above for an overview, then see below for more information about each type of business envelope and to view helpful envelope size charts!

Regular Envelopes

Regular envelopes feature the common envelope sizes you see used most often for business mailings. There isn’t just one type of business envelope. Standard envelopes range from the most popular #10 business envelope, measures 4 1/8″ x 9 1/2″ and is considered the “classic” U.S. envelope size for most all business uses. Next, is a bit smaller (fits inside a #10), #9 regular envelopes (3-7/8″ x 8-7/8″) are often used as a remittance envelope to mail back payments. The #9 envelope style is most used as a remittance reply envelope for checks, sent to recipients inside #10 envelopes.

Other popular regular envelopes include.

#6-3/4 Regular Envelopes (3-5/8″ x 6-1/2″) – Great for personal or corporate business. This size could be used for invoices, sales pieces, checks, or correspondence.

#7 Regular Envelopes (3-3/4″ x 6-3/4″) – The ideal model that is suitable for short business.

#9-5/8 Regular Envelopes (4-1/2″ x 9-5/8″) – These are slightly larger than the #9 envelope so it can fit more folded pages.

#11 Regular Envelopes (4-1/2″ x 10-3/8″) – The granddaddy size allows for more folded pages, and storage, and can act as an outer envelope to the #10 envelope being used as a return envelope.

All regular envelopes feature a front with no window and a basic flap on the back, either tapered or square cut flaps. Some regular envelopes have special features, including security tint to conceal the contents, and pre-moistened adhesive flaps for easy closure. Businesses use these envelopes to send statements, invoices, checks, letters, and other types of mailings. If you need regular business envelopes, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of colors, including pastels and Astro-bright bright colors.

A few other types of envelopes are available at AlphaGraphics Camelback. They include: window envelopes, side seam, square flap, policy envelopes, baronial, announcement, catalog, open end, coin, and metal clasp envelopes.

Proven Experience Serving Phoenix Businesses

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Our team of customer service representatives and graphic designers are ready to help. Brainstorm with our graphic designers to create the perfect look for your letterhead and stationery. Learn how to build your brand from our marketing team.

At AlphaGraphics Camelback, we are always here to help. Feel free to consult with a member of our team at any time from project start to finish. Need some inspiration? No problem, just stop by our convenient central Phoenix location and look at some of our samples, designs, and layout options. Many times looking at samples, feeling paper swatches, and looking and PMS Panton ink color charts is all you need to kick-start your project into high gear.

AlphaGraphics Camelback has served the local Phoenix businesses community since 1970!  Our objective is to establish trust and credibility in the local market with premium products and services. We have an understanding of the specific needs of Phoenix businesses, demonstrated by our commitment to supporting local enterprises and non-profits.

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