Vehicle Wraps in Phoenix

Branded vehicles are a mobile advertisement for your Phoenix business. Let the professionals help with graphics for your car, truck, or fleet! Call us at 602-263-0122.

Engage potential customers while on the move in greater Phoenix

Want to engage potential customers while on the move? Transform your company car or truck into a rolling billboard for your brand with a custom vehicle wrap from AlphaGraphics Camelback.

What better way to multitask than by advertising your products and services while you’re stuck in Phoenix traffic? Vehicle wraps enable you to turn your daily commute into an effortless marketing campaign for your organization. Prices range from $1,500 for a simple partial wrap, to $4,000 or more for more complex full wraps.

Truly mobile advertising on busy Phoenix streets...

Reach thousands of potential customers with high-quality, full-color, custom vehicle wraps produced right here onsite.

Our full vehicle wrap graphics include:
  • Graphic design
  • Strategic messaging
  • Custom layout to fit your vehicle’s dimensions
  • Durable UV inks to survive the Arizona sun!
  • Professional installation

Vehicle Lettering, Wraps, and Graphics for Fleets, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Delivery vans are your 365-days a year traveling advertising bargain.

Our quality, durable vehicle vinyl lettering is easy to apply with self-adhesive and pull-away backing. The lettering comes pre-spaced in strips or words as needed. Super simple to install, just peel off the paper backing, and the custom vinyl lettering is a snap to install in one easy application. Available in almost any color and size. Once installed, these letters will hold up to the harsh Arizona sun for up to five years and are guaranteed for three years.  We offer:

  • Premium Reflective Vinyl
  • Standard Calendered Vinyl
  • Wall Vinyl for interior use

Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or an entire fleet, let us help! Call today for pricing and more information. AlphaGraphics Camelback, 602-263-0122

Most of our customers come to us because they want to talk directly to a real person, not communicate through a string of emails, nor deal with unreturned phone calls. Printing a book can be complicated. Talking to people who know the trade makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes, a few minutes with one of our knowledgeable staff, along with inspecting some printed samples, paper swatches, and binding choices can clear up a lot of questions quickly. If you want to have a one-on-one chat with a true book publishing expert, ask for Larry Furlong, or better yet, call him directly at 602-515-0265. Larry has over 20 years of book publishing experience at the Camelback location in the Biltmore area.  Or if you like, you can email Larry at: All emails are returned in less than 4 hours normally!

Phoenix auto wraps for all types of vehicles, grow your business with custom vehicle graphics and wraps

Most small and large businesses face a common problem, “how do I grow my business?” One of the keys to growing any business is getting more qualified leads, but the number one question is how to get the leads. Then what will a qualified cost? There are literally hundreds of marketing options to choose from, there is no easy way to compare when it comes to the custom van and vehicle wraps.

On average, a single custom van or vehicle wrap has as many as 70,000 a day! An easy way to get your business noticed is through your company vehicles. Get your logo, messaging or brand noticed, with no additional work other than the routine of driving your regular routes or deliveries.

Vehicle or van wraps offer one of the lowest costs per impression of any marketing method or channel. Get your team of vehicles or fleet wrapped, and your investment in your vehicles will continue to earn quality marketing for years to come!


The best way to start your company van or vehicle wrap plan is with a consultation from our talented team of vehicle specialists. We will walk you through all the necessary details and pitfalls and budget requirements. We know corporate branding and van and vehicle wrap sizes. While cost is important, a quality product that lasts years and matches your fleet and branding guidelines is what really makes us shine. Nothing goes like clockwork without first having a good plan.


AlphaGraphics Camelback has produced hundreds of corporate van and vehicle wraps. From a small logo to partial graphics to full wraps, the graphic design team will take all your branding information and deliver a custom van or vehicle wrap design you’ll not only love but will get you noticed and business. The finished van or vehicle wrap will look amazing.

 Choose from unique materials like matte, chrome, perforated, and other specialty vinyl, for high-impact, durable messaging designed to keep your ride looking fabulous for years to come. Ready to create quality leads while simply running errands?

Contact the team at AlphaGraphics Camelback today and we are happy to help you design stunning vehicle makeovers for your company or non-profit.

If you didn't find what you want, feel free to check all our sign printing services!

Ready to get started? Contact Larry Furlong at AlphaGraphics Camelback, 602-263-012

Call us at 602-263-0122. If you didn't find what you want, feel free to check all our sign printing services!

Fast Turnaround to Make Your Business Noticed in No Time

Need to get noticed, and fast? AlphaGraphics Camelback's quick turnaround times for partial and full auto wrap projects will get your fleet moving in no time at all. Let our talented team of graphic designers create a show-stopping mockup for you. Our graphic design runs $125 per hour for partial and full-wrap graphic design. We can often have a first draft to you in less than a week. Remember, the design of your fleet will be your 365-days-a-year marketing tool, so trust your image to only the best. Still not sure? Come in and look at some samples, or talk to one of our experts.

Our Approach: From Design to Production

At AlphaGraphics Camelback, our goal is to walk you through the whole process, from initial design to finished wrap with a confidence that makes spending your hard-earned marketing funds go the furthest. Quality vehicle graphics that will hold up in the harsh Arizona sun is not cheap, but cheap vehicle graphics are a really poor choice given our harsh environment. Let us take the stress out of the process. AlphaGraphics Camelback's process for creating high-quality auto wraps, from the initial design phase to the final production and installation allows you to sleep at night knowing you are getting the very best.

Let us help you get started