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Do you need to provide your clients with industry-specific information? With a booklet, you can do just that. It’s not quite a manual, and yet it’s more than a brochure. By using eye-catching graphics and clear verbiage, your clients will get the information they need in a visually-appealing, easy-to-read format.


  • Digital booklet printing in black and white or full color
  • A variety of style, weight, and colored paper options
  • A selection of binding styles, including perfect binding, saddle stitch and coil

Booklet printing services from AlphaGraphics make it easy to illustrate your point clearly and effectively. Whether you’ve compiled a complete report with graphics and illustrations, or need help with design and layout, we’ve got the experience and know-how to take your project to the next level.


  • Bring in or send us the booklet you wish to print
  • Select the formatting options that are right for your project
  • Choose the size and paper for pages and covers
  • Choose a quantity: we are flexible on run quantities



  • Saddle stitch - secures folded pages with two or three wire staples down the middle of the fold, which becomes the spine.

    Binding with saddle-stitching creates inexpensive booklets that can be opened up flat. Saddle stitching is commonly used for booklets with a small page count, calendars, pocket-size address books and some magazines.

    It is an excellent option for artwork, graphs or maps that span two pages because the booklet lies flat when open. Because of the construction method, saddle-stitched booklets have pages in multiples of four. Typically, saddle-stitched booklets are limited to a page count of 64 pages or less for a flat booklet.

  • Coil binding - also known as Spiral Binding, secures the pages of a booklet using a plastic or metal coil that looks similar to a long spring. Coil binding allows a book to fold all the way back upon itself and yet still remain flat.

    This space-saving feature allows the book to be left open to a single page, taking up half the space of books that display two pages when open.

  • Perfect binding - uses a flexible adhesive that attaches a paper cover to the spine of a book or magazine. Paperback novels are an example of perfect binding.

    A perfect bound book has a flat spine. If the book is thick enough, the title information can be imprinted on the spine.
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Do you need your next manual or guidebook to stand out? What about your church songbook? Work with the booklet printing experts at AlphaGraphics and you’ll get the help you need to get the job done right.


A custom booklet is a great way for a business to share information with customers and clients in an easy-to-digest manner.


Coil bound, saddle stitched, or perfect bound books or booklets have been the mainstay for workbooks, training manuals, safety procedures, technical manuals, calendars, catalogs, and magazines for years. While electronic e-pubs and videos are popular, nothing beats the impact of the printed page.

Booklets can be produced in a few hours or overnight from your print-ready PDF files, or allow one of our graphic designers to assist you in creating an award winning look. If you are wondering how to properly assemble your PDF file pages for printing, we have software that can quickly and easily take your one-up PDF file and magically impose your pages to print properly with the push of a button.


Still not sure? Ask us to print a proof copy prior to the whole print run so you can view your handy work in printed, saddle stitched final form. Let us take the worry out of producing the job correctly.


  • Product instructions
  • Event guides
  • Playbills
  • Training
  • Weddings
  • Programs
  • And more!


At AlphaGraphics on Camelback, our booklet printing process and technology allow you to print booklets in a variety of sizes and on a variety of paper stocks. Our magazine style binding (Saddle stitching) is durable and practical, making it easy for readers to view your booklet’s pages again and again. Or, use a plastic or metal coil binding . . . quick and affordable.

We can help you with designing  and ordering your pages to produce excellent results. Not sure how to properly prepare your file for print? Give us a call. Our Biltmore area staff can answer most any question. Or better yet, stop by and take a peek at our booklet samples. Who knows, you may find just what you are looking for.

For booklet printing stop by AlphaGraphics on Camelback today!

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