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Are you ready to make the jump into self-publishing? Congratulations! AlphaGraphics can help you transform your manuscript into an elegantly printed and bound bound crave-worthy book.

The publishing industry can be a little intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your expertise and creativity with the world. Tell your story and market your work with custom book printing services from AlphaGraphics.


We want your finished title to be successful. Let us help you land on the best-seller lists. That’s why we offer full-service publishing solutions that reach beyond exceptional printing.


  • Formatting and design 
  • Professional binding and finishing
  • Assistance with ISBN number acquisition
  • Complete marketing and distribution options for local, domestic and international markets



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  • Select the publishing package that fits your budget and goals
  • Work with our design and layout team to choose the desired format and layout of your project
  • Choose your binding, or ask about our CD, DVD, and ePublishing options


  • Ask about how larger print runs can save you money
  • Learn about our marketing and publicity packages
  • Browse our book publishing page for more helpful information 


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Our fast and flexible printing options ensure that whatever your desired format and style—your published work will look sensational. Want to supplement your printed work with CDs or DVDs of your book? We can help with that, too.

AlphaGraphics is here to guide you through the entire custom book printing and publishing process. Contact us today to take charge of your future as a published author!


Have you ever wanted to write and publish your own book? Well wait no longer.

At AlphaGraphics on Camelback, we want to make sure you look like a Pulitzer prize winning author by printing your novel, biography, short story, children's book or set of poems. We can help you create a stunning cover design, sharp page layout and even get your book registered with the ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

We print soft cover (perfect bound) and hardcover books (case bound) as well as plastic or wire coil binding. Choose full color or black and white. Want to try out e-publishing first before you commit to print? No problem. We can convert your Microsoft Word files into a first class e-book (think Kindle readers) that you can sell online. We also help self publishers with distribution, shipping, ecommerce websites and direct fulfillment of your small to large orders.

And the best part, we are 100% local! You can easily stop in and talk to real, live customer service staff who will happily show you printed samples, talk about different binding methods or paper choices, all conveneintly located on Camelback Road. Nothing is sent offsite our out of state, all books printed and bound on premise!


We can help with your book’s branding and packaging with specialized printing options to make you stand out among a sea of competitors. These include:


  • Foil Stamping -  metallic or colored foil is bonded by heat to the spine or book cover. Because foil stamping does not use ink, the foil color is not impacted by the color of the paper upon which the foil is applied. Foils in light and metallic colors can be easily used on darker colored surfaces.
  • Custom matching fly sheets, folders, or brochures that match your book’s branding.
  • Index pages that makes searching your book easier.
  • Full-color inserts - Add custom photos, tables or graphs to the center of your book.
  • Dust jacket or book  jacket - Add a detachable outer cover to your book with added text and illustrations. The back panel or flap can be printed with biographical information about the author, and a summary of the book, or reviews from authorities in your field. Besides helping to promote the book, a dust cover also helps keep the book cover from being damaged.


Self-publishing has never been easier, and when we make your book perfect bound, you look perfect too. We also can coil bind your book with your choice of a variety of coil colors. Your coil options are standard plastic coil (also known as continuous coil), or metal wire-"O" binding. The advantage to these coil bindings is that they lay flat and are great for cookbooks, workbooks, and music books. And the best part, we can do many of the binding methods with print runs as few as one! Yes, get a sample book printed and bound from your print-ready PDF file! Need help getting your Microsoft Word doc converted into a print ready PDF file? We can help you do that too!


We also have the ability to register your books with all the online registrars (and ISBN) so your book can be officially found on the internet. If you need copywriting help or editing, we would be happy to assist as well. We work with a group of editors that we have vetted and can get the job done, on schedule and on budget. In short, no more going out of state or working with web book printers who don't even know where Phoenix is!


All our work is done onsite, right here in our Camelback Road facility including ALL printing and binding!



  • Cookbooks
  • Family Memoirs and Biographies
  • Technical and Training Manuals
  • Workbooks
  • Novels
  • Short Stories
  • Poems
  • Children's Books
  • Books from independent writers. 

Lastly, don't underestimate the cover. People DO judge a book by its cover. We have top-notch graphic designers onsite that will make a book cover that will delight you. Ask us to see some samples. We would be happy to show you some previously printed books we have done for a variety of clients, at all price ranges.


Five Book Cover Design Tips


  1. Hire an Experienced Designer (Like ours!) - a professional book cover designer like the ones at AlphaGraphics Camelback understands the nuances of colors, fonts and images and has the right tools and resources to implement your vision. We listen to you, and your cover will be unique and professional!

  2. Avoid Clutter - Many visual elements are competing for the viewer’s attention.  So avoid too many colors, images and fonts. Again, let one of our graphic designers make your vision come to life.

  3. Consider the Cover Thumbnail Size - If your book is going to be sold online, the cover photo will appear in a thumbnail size. This is another reason to choose a simple design that is still impressive when reduced in size.

  4. Emphasize a Single Element - Pick one important element of your book to illustrate on the cover so the buyer can instantly know something about the contents.

  5. Get Feedback - Consider taking your proposed cover designs to associates or followers on your special media page for their opinion.


If you would like to speak to our self publishing staff, call 602-515-0265 and ask for Larry Furlong,


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