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Postcards and Every Door Direct Mail

A day does not go by when I wonder how to best reach our customers with effective marketing messaging. We all know that marketing messages are being carpet-bombed in ways we never thought of 10 years ago. Who doesn’t hate the amount of spam in our email boxes. The unsolicited phone calls. But maybe it is just me, but I don’t care who sends me postcards or direct mail. I realize I may be the exception, and full disclosure, I’ve owned an AlphaGraphics printing franchise for over 25 years. But when I go thru our mail, I enjoy seeing who is trying to get my attention and just how good they are doing it. Whether it is a colorful printed postcard, or a creative clear envelope, or a crazy tag line or call to action I always look at something out of the ordinary or unique. Today, mailing a postcard to a specific area has never been easier. We now offer a new mailing service called Every Door Direct Mail® from the US Post Office. You can reach every home or business for only 18¢ each postage! That’s even cheaper than standard bulk mail rates and you don’t have to buy or create a mailing list! There are a few specifics on how to size and format your postcard for EDDM, but we can assist you. Our graphics designers have created dozens of EDDM mailings and we know the ins and outs of EDDM. When you consider the cost savings in postage rates, EDDM mailings are very cost effective. Often we see clients mail a series of postcards during a two or three week time frame to extend the reach. The lower postage costs allow multiple “touches” with your mailing list instead of a singular mailing. We all have heard that it takes more than five touches to entice a client to buy, so EDDM helps stretch your marketing dollars.

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