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agOnline, the Best Way to Order with Brand Integrity!

Many companies struggle with keeping consistent brand identity and integrity. It is far too common for a rogue sales representative to pull a low resolution logo of a web site, past it into a Word document and print of a quick flyer at the local copy and ship shop. Almost with certainty that printed piece costs more than it should and worse, it probably looks terrible and the color is not representative of your brand. If this scenario seems familiar, well do we have a offer for you. At AlphaGraphics, we offer you an online solution called agOnline. agOnline is a state of the art web-to-print custom web portal created specifically for you and your co-workers. agOnline is secure, and is the easiest way to create quick, quality brand consistent printed communications for your team, worldwide. Our team of web programmers will work with your marketing team to fully understand your brand guidelines, color palette, logo usage and then create a custom web portal for your staff that is easy to use, fast, mobile friendly that follows your brand standards and controls your ordering process and costs. Gone is the rouge agent who prints at the local copy shop creating marketing night mares. With agOnline, the ordering process is easy and best of it, it helps lower your costs by centralizing all your marketing spending. And for the CFO, the monthly reports that agOnline creates make costing out global spends to proper cost centers and departments. If you like, we can even install an "approval process". With the approval process activated on your custom agOnline web portal, all orders are pooled and approved before being processes. You simply tell us who can order without approval, and who can't, we take care of the rest. The set up cost of a custom agOnline web portal for your company can be as low as $199 plus monthly web hosting fees of $19.99. Our basic package allows for your staff to order custom business cards online with full online editing and data entry. Imagine how easy it would be if your new employee simply typed his or her information into agOnline with online proofing, once finished, the order would automatically be sent to the supervisor in charge for approval. A simple click of a button and the new business cards would be in process. Call us today at 602-263-0122 and ask for Larry Furlong, or John Monteith. Still not sure?  No problem, how about a short 10 minute demonstration of our online solution for your firm? Just give us a call to schedule a demo today.

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