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Book Printing and Self Publishing

Self publishing has really come into its prime. In the early 1980's, black and white digital printing using laser printers created a never before seen market. Today we take laser printing for granted. In fact, most homes now have a full color laser printers capable of micro book printing. So how does this technology come together for your inner "budding author"? AlphaGraphics on Camelback has helped many authors, (many of them first time authors) go from draft manuscripts to finished printed books. Book printing is not hard, but it sure helps to have a partner who can help guide you. That is were we come in. We offer a cafeteria of services that every self publisher can use. If you need just a little help, or are totally clueless, not a problem. A partial list of our services include: Cover design, ISBN registration, book layout and design, on-demand printing or mass production press runs, conversion of your book to e-Book, shipping and fulfillment of your book orders. Book printing on many different paper weights, finishes and colors and book bindings ranging from coil bound or wire "O" binding. These loose leaf bindings are great for journals and education manuals. Soft cover (called Perfect Binding) is the most popular binding for self publishers. A full color wrap-around cover printed on high quality 14 point C1S cover stock with durable UV gloss coating is what we use for most of our book printing projects. If a true hard bound (also known as Case Binding) is what you had in mind, not a problem. The inside pages are encased in thick board, with our without foil stamping on the spine and a full color glossy dusk jacket make your book and award winner. Book publishing using hard cover binding is much more expensive than perfect binding, and in general requires larger press runs and less flexibility in sizes. Do you need some guidance on creating ISBN numbers, registering your book with Bowker, or perhaps you have questions one copyright laws, give us a call. Our resident self publishing expert, Larry Furlong will be happy to meet with you. Call Larry at 602-263-0122 and ask for an appointment, no obligation.

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