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Foil Stamping, Embossing, Laser Die Cutting

Foil stamping, embossing and laser die cutting are some of the most impressive and creative ways of standing out in a crowd. Take any invitation, announcement or business card to the next level. Embellishing your printed pieces with features that until recently, used to be so cost prohibitive and difficult that only the biggest of budgets used these effects. Today, we routinely combine full color digital printing with laser die cutting of custom edges and shapes often with a bright shiny silver or gold foil stamping. Then add blind embossing of an emblem or logo and you have a unique printed piece that breaks all molds. Let’s break down these creative services. Foil stamping comes in a number of different types. Bright silver and gold being the most popular, but foil comes in a wide variety of colors, matte foils, pigmented foils and even holographic and special effect foils. There are even foils that can be stamped onto paper or card stock that guard against copying by being non-repro (think of concert or sports tickets). Embossing, or blind embossing a process that effectively “bumps” the paper up like braille so that you can actually feel the raised image. A special metal die is created from your logo or artwork and then with pressure, the paper is embossed up (or down, called debossed) to create that one of a kind end result. Often used at the top of very high-ended letterhead or stationary, today we use embossing for a more tactile experience. From a simple raised border on an invitation, to an elaborate multi-level crest on a business card, embossing is here to stay. Die cutting into custom shapes continues to be a great way to break away from the crowd. Today we can custom die cut almost any shape using digital laser cutting eliminating the cost of metal dies. The sky is the limit when creating custom shapes. We have die-cut golf invites into the shape of a golf ball, wedding invites die cut into the shape of a diamond wedding ring and image getting fund raising invitation in the mail shaped like a palm tree. Give us a call today. We would be happy to show you samples and explain how to set up your files to properly use these new embellishing techniques as well as give you pricing and turn times.

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