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Step and Repeat Backdrops: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning an event? Nothing is worse than overlooking the event backdrop and ending up dissatisfied with the photos. So, how can you do your event justice with its backdrop design?

Event planning has been voted one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Whether you agree with this or not, one thing is for sure- event planning comes with challenges, including venue design. The good news is that a step and repeat banner can help in many ways.

Read on to learn more about all you need to know about step and repeat banners for your event decoration.

What Are Step and Repeat Backdrops?

Step and repeat backdrops are large banners, sometimes called media backdrops, logo walls, or press walls. A common place you may have seen them is at red carpet events when stars pause to be interviewed, or a photo is taken against a backdrop.

These step and repeat banners are often on stands with a fabric with a customizable fabric finish. There are several types of step and repeat banners, including:

  • Spring back
  • Retractable
  • Telescopic

All these types of step and repeat banners are easy to transport. The types refer to the kind of frame, shape, and how the banners are set up.

There are several reasons why these banners are called 'step and repeat,' partly due to the repetitive logo printing. The other is when celebrities step into the photo frame for a photo before the next celebrity repeats the same action.

How Are Step and Repeat Banners Used?

Step and repeat banners have a variety of purposes depending on the event. However, they are considered to have two primary purposes; event photos and marketing. A step and repeat banner is a marketing tool, too, as fabric printing allows you to put on company and sponsor logos.

If you look closely at red-carpet event photos, you will see that at least one sponsor and one event logo are usually listed. This makes step and repeat banners a great form of non-intrusive marketing for companies, which is more important than ever. Many popular but intrusive marketing tactics are turning users off, such as pop-ups, which 73% of internet users dislike.

Where to Use a Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and repeat banners are not limited to the red carpet. They are used at various events, so if you're wedding or event planning, it is time to consider these banners as part of your event decoration. Some common places step and repeat banners are used include:

  • Film festivals
  • Industry award ceremonies
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Business parties
  • Weddings
  • High school proms
  • Graduations
  • Conferences
  • Sporting events
  • Trade shows

There is potential to use step and repeat banners in various settings, as they can act as props and accessories to an event. Due to their customizable nature, you can choose exactly what signage and graphics are included.

For example, you might want to put the couple's name and include props and accessories to enhance photos for a wedding. Whereas for charity fundraisers, there will be more sponsors listed.

Benefits of a Step and Repeat Backdrop Design

No matter your event or type of step and repeat backdrop, you can reap various benefits. Some of the top benefits of step and repeat backdrops include:

  • Seamless event decoration
  • User-friendly and multi-purpose
  • High quality
  • Non-intrusive marketing and attention-grabbing

Do not risk poor photos due to limited backdrops or a change in weather. A step and repeat banner offers a designated location for photographs, improving the professionalism of your event and how it flows. If you pick a reputable provider of step and repeat banners, you will receive a high-quality backdrop that elevates the event and impresses guests.

Step and repeat backdrops are also user-friendly and portable. You don't need to worry about transportation costs or complicated setups. Instead, you have an effective and reusable backdrop design that you can use for different events.

Tips for Designing Your Backdrop Design

Another benefit of step and repeat banners is that there are plenty of options to create the perfect backdrop design for your event. But these options can also quickly become overwhelming. Follow these tips to design the best backdrop design for your event.

Plan Signage and Graphic Design

It can be tempting to go overboard with your design. However, your design can quickly become saturated if you include too many logos and graphics. Keep it simple and repeat logos in a specific order for maximum impact.

Consider Color Schemes and Color Theory

The colors you choose can make or break the backdrop design. What impact do you want to have on guests?

Consider the most effective colors for your event, which work well together and do not distract from the photo subjects. For example, grey can be an effective background color that does not produce a glare, which white backdrops risk.

Pick the Size Logo and Banner

Consider what size logo will best fit your backdrop design. If it is too big, your backdrop will look busy; if it is too small, it will get lost in photographs. Check whether you can print a test banner or whether the backdrop design provider has guidelines for logo sizing.

You also need to consider the size of the banner. A wider step and repeat will allow multiple people in photos without seeing the edges of a backdrop design in images. However, smaller designs are more affordable and portable.

Choose the Material

Step and repeat banners use vinyl or fabric printing. You can also select your finish, such as a matte finish, to reduce photo glare. The type you choose depends on the purpose of the banner, the cost, and the finish you desire.

Create a Quality Backdrop Design

So, how do you get started with your backdrop design? It is important to find a reputable provider that can provide the quality step and repeat banner you desire. AlphaGraphics is here to help, offering high-quality, premium, and customizable backdrop designs.

Request a quote today to get started.

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