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7 Creative Uses of Labels and Stickers for Marketing

Modern label printing techniques have made it possible to create custom label sizes and shapes for a variety of uses. Custom sticker design is ideal for almost everything. They're ideal for aspects from label printing to product packaging and promotional sticker campaigns.

Brands can utilize personalized labels and stickers for event promotion and branding. They can also use labels for organization and inventory management.

With advanced label and sticker printing technology, designing eye-catching designs has never been easier. To learn more about sticker marketing strategies, keep reading for 7 creative uses for stickers in marketing.

Types of Label Materials and Sticker Printing Options

It's important to explore the different types of label materials and label printing techniques. This is helpful information to know before you commit to a custom sticker design.

You will also discover the versatility of sticker options offered and their uses. Choose from a variety of different sticker and label options such as:

  • Die-Cut Stickers
  • Full Bleed
  • Window Decals
  • Weatherproof/Waterproof
  • Sheet-Fed Labels
  • Roll-Fed Labels
  • Holographic

There are now sustainable label and sticker options available. These eco-friendly options are often constructed from 100% recycled materials.

Some stickers may be reusable, meaning they can peel off and re-adhere to surfaces many times. Other types of label materials are even compostable or recyclable after use.

Waterproof and weather-resistant labels use durable materials and adhesives. These strong adhesives and long-lasting coatings make them suitable for outdoor use.

When applying stickers, you should also follow common label and sticker application tips. Apply the sticker by pressing firmly and smoothing it out on your surface of choice.

It should always be a clean, dry surface that is also free of grease, dirt, dust, or oils that could prevent it from sticking properly.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fantastic way to get your brand out there. In 2023, there are an estimated 4.80 billion social media users around the world, and these numbers are growing all the time. Custom sticker designs can help you reach these users with inventive social media-based sticker marketing strategies.

Thanks to innovative label printing techniques, labels and stickers can be designed specifically for sharing on social media platforms. Brands can create unique and visually appealing stickers that customers can use in their posts, stories, or messages.

This also encourages the creation of user-generated content which helps spread brand awareness among the followers of the customers using the stickers.

2. Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is one of the most creative uses for stickers. These campaigns use strategically placed labels and stickers in public spaces as a way to get attention on a brand and generate buzz.

By using label printing techniques, these stickers can contain QR codes. Individuals then scan these QR code stickers with their smartphones to learn more about a brand. These stickers and labels can also feature a social media handle along with colorful graphics and branding logo designs.

However, if you choose to use stickers as a part of a guerrilla marketing campaign, you must be sure to follow the label and sticker regulations and compliance policies of your area. You should also ensure that using stickers for marketing does not damage private property or infringe on public rights. Failure to do so could result in fines and reflect poorly on the public opinion of your brand.

3. Promotional Giveaways

People love getting free promotional items from brands. According to the New York Post, 53% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional products from brands. This includes everything from hats to t-shirts, pens, mugs, and stickers.

Labels and stickers can be used as promotional giveaways during events or as part of marketing campaigns. They can be branded with a company logo or a specific message. These items can then be distributed to customers or attendees at events like trade shows, conferences, and conventions.

What's more, sticker recipients will often use these stickers on items like their water bottles and laptops. This can help raise brand awareness and create a lasting brand impression and expand brand awareness long-term.

4. Event Branding

Don't underestimate the importance of quality labels and the impact they can have on your events. Labels and stickers can be used to brand various items and spaces during events. For example, they can be applied to event merchandise, promotional products, and name tags.

Modern label printing techniques even make it possible to print large-scale labels to adhere to the floor of event spaces to guide attendees to your booth. This creates a cohesive visual identity for the event as well as helping to reinforce the overall brand message.

5. Stickers as Seals for Customized Packaging

Labels and stickers can be used as seals on product packaging to provide a sense of authenticity and exclusivity. Custom product stickers used as seals for products make customers feel like they are receiving high-quality items.

Implementing label printing techniques can go a long way to create brand awareness as well, especially when they include the customer's name on them. This is particularly effective for limited edition or premium products.

As a bonus, you can include extra branded stickers inside of the package with your brand's information on it. These act like a type of business card that customers will hold onto. They'll remember your brand for future order needs.

6. Label Printing for Product Packaging Enhancement

Designing eye-catching stickers and labels is essential, particularly if you're marketing products in-store. Labels and stickers can be used to enhance the packaging of products. This also makes them more attractive and eye-catching to shoppers passing by.

Unique and creative designs on labels can help a product stand out on store shelves and increase its appeal to potential customers. Be sure to use relevant buzzwords like "eco-friendly" or point out important product features through your custom sticker designs.

7. Custom Barcode Labels

Custom barcode labels and scanning technology go hand-in-hand. Using label printing techniques to create barcodes for your products is a breeze. Easily create traditional barcodes for pricing products.

You can even print QR codes on labels. These codes lead consumers to your website, social media account, or online storefront. Advanced label printing techniques also offer a multitude of uses for tradeshows and events.

For example, you can create barcode labels that act as name tags for events. These labels contain all of the guest information which is then scanned to speed up the guest check-in process.

Discover More Label Printing Techniques and Creative Uses for Stickers at AlphaGraphics

There are many different types of creative uses for stickers that you can use to promote your brand. Versatile and dynamic label printing techniques make it possible to utilize a variety of sticker marketing strategies. If you're interested in designing eye-catching stickers come to AlphaGraphics.

AlphaGraphics, located in Phoenix, AZ, is your one-stop shop for full-service printing and marketing solutions. We understand the impact and importance of quality labels, promotional products, and signage for brands. We offer custom-label pricing and budget considerations for businesses large or small.

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