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Exterior Temporary Signs

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Is your building entrance under renovation? Is your street under construction? Temporary signage can save your sales.

High-quality, temporary exterior signage can be used to promote a sale, trade show or conference. It turns heads with unique, full-color graphics bursting with enthusiasm.

Do it right the first time (and every time after that) by partnering with the AlphaGraphics team of marketing and printing experts to design contemporary visuals for every occasion.

Temporary Exterior Signs


  • Political campaigns
  • Commercial job sites
  • Real estate signs
  • Construction zones
  • Garage sales
  • Church events
  • Open houses
  • Event and directional signs
  • Store closings and sales
  • School events, parades, and sporting events
Temporary Exterior Signs

Our printing technology enables us to print crisp signs of virtually any size and shape, on nearly any material.


  • Acrylic
  • Foam core
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl, and more!
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Whether you want to drive your advertisements around on the side of your Mini Cooper, or fly a brightly colored flag in front of your building, we’ve got your exterior signage needs covered.

Contact the marketing and communications specialists at AlphaGraphics today to request a free quote for your next short or long-term sign project!


There’s nothing worse when the local city council decides to perform major street construction right outside the front doors of your business.


You could be facing 3-6 months of lowered business due to people trying to avoid that area altogether because of the congestion, construction and traffic.


A great way to recapture some of that lost traffic is to have AlphaGraphics print up a few temporary exterior signs. This way you can let people know you’re still open for business even though there is a 12-foot-deep open trench in the middle of the street.


If you contact your local city government there is a very good chance they will allow you to put up temporary signage in places they wouldn’t normally allow during the course of the street/road construction.


AlphaGraphics has been in business for over 60 years and we have helped many a local business design and create temporary signage.


Temp signage is not limited to construction zones. You can have your real estate signs, commercial job site signs (safety & the name of your company) or even event and directional signage. If you are a service professional (plumber, painter, electrician), get some temp signs printed up to let passerby’s know your contact info. Place those signs on the front lawns of houses you’re working on.


You can even put a QR or SMS Short Code on the sign. This way when people walk by, they can scan the sign with their cell phone and be brought to a mobile version of your website. You can offer a discount or free consultation and have a form to capture their information. Free leads at its finest!


Being that AlphaGraphics is a full-service business center, our state-of-the-art printers can print on a wide variety of materials such as foam core, wood, aluminum, glass, vinyl and much more! Our printers print in full color and/or black and white and the inks we use are extremely bright and durable, even in the harsh summer sun.


There is no limit to what we can do for temp signage requirements. We can work in large or small quantities and there is no minimum order quantity!  You can have one or one thousand signs printed up. If you aren’t sure what kind of design you would be requiring on your sign, simply ask one of our friendly design professionals for help.


They can suggest signs that will not only look right, but be visible from far away, thereby increase the safety factor tenfold.


Whether you need a few signs for your real estate open house, or hundreds of them for your job construction site, let AlphaGraphics be your printing partner. Give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and one of our knowledgeable experts will help answer any questions you might have!

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