Floor Decals and Graphics

Transform your floor with imaginative decals and graphics

Get people talking about your business!

Get people talking about your business with mind-blowing visual effects on the very floor they’re walking on!

Whether the surface is concrete, brick, carpet or wood, we have the floor graphics to stick to just about anything.

Put interior floor graphics to work for you

Some floor graphic options include:

  • Directional information
  • Specialty advertising
  • Safety or parking decals
  • Temporary promotions or events
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Inspirational messages
  • Permanent retail branding
  • Welcoming guests

Our team of graphic designers and marketing experts can help you incorporate your company’s logo, mission statement, product offerings, and more into durable, full-color images custom cut to your floor’s dimensions.

Our floor graphics are:
  • Tear and scuff resistant
  • Designed to look amazing even in high traffic areas
  • Weather-proof
  • Available in temporary or permanent adhesives
  • High-quality black and white or bold full-color
  • Easy to adhere to virtually any surface

Whether you’re planning a massive annual sale, directing patrons to your new trade show booth (we create those, too), or are just looking to spice up your interior décor, our team has your floor covered.

AlphaGraphics offers advanced solutions for converting boring floors into eye-catching advertising for your brand. Contact us today to get started!


Are you looking for a way to remind individuals to practice social distancing? Here at AlphaGraphics Oceanside, we can print floor graphics and decals to remind everyone to stay six feet apart. Floor graphics are ideal for all businesses reopening, typically for entrances, aisles, and any lines for the register or cashier. We also offer custom floor graphics and decals!

Contact AlphaGraphics Oceanside today and order your floor graphics and decals.

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Exterior Floor Graphics In Oceanside, NC

Custom floor graphics are an innovative way of getting people’s attention. When it comes to advertising, we tend to think of billboards, posters, and banners. People sometimes develop what marketing experts refer to as “ad blindness”.  

Meaning they will most likely see the ad if it’s hanging up in the air, but it won’t register in their minds as well as an ad that would be in a place they would least expect: The floor.

While banners, posters and billboards still work really well, it’s the floor graphics that steal the show. People aren’t expecting to see an ad on the ground, so when they see a brightly colored graphic on the floor, they tend to notice it a bit more. 

The same can be said for direction and safety signage. Maybe your building or warehouse has safety signage requirements (by law or otherwise).  A great way to keep safety on the forefront of your employees minds is to lay down floor graphics that remind them of safety practices or direct traffic in a safe mannerism. 

Benefits of floor graphics

AlphaGraphics Oceanside can create weather resistant graphics. We can even create them with a permanent adhesive and UV resistant materials that will not break down no matter what mother nature or time throws at it. If you have limited parking in your office, and two or more parking lots for your employees to park in, you can throw down some floor graphics that will direct the flow of car and pedestrian traffic, thereby creating a safe working environment. 

They will adhere to almost any surface including stairs, stucco, cinder block, or even wood. 

Because the graphics are durable this means they are also scuff and tear resistant. These graphics were meant to be walked on, and that’s what people are going to do. Even in high traffic areas, they will look as good as the day you laid them down on the ground. 

Concerned about slipping?  These high-quality vinyl graphics are slip resistant so they are safe to walk on.  Maintenance is a snap as well. Just use a clean cloth and mild soapy water to wash away any dirt or grime that might collect and the graphics are as good as new. 

If you’re in charge of putting on an event where hundreds or thousands of people will be attending, floor graphics are a great way to show where the bathrooms are, which way to the event or concession stands and even which way to the parking lot. We can also create them with a temporary adhesive that you can easily remove after the event is finished. 

If you need floor graphics designed or printed, give the experts at your local AlphaGraphics Oceanside a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and one of our knowledgeable experts will help answer any questions you may have.

Interior Floor Decals And Graphics In Oceanside,NC

Interior floor decals & graphics are some of the easiest ways to get what you have to say noticed.

People generally tend to watch where they step. In this case, literally. What better way to get your message across than floor decals? They will not scratch, mar or otherwise destroy the flooring. In fact, they actually might protect the floor in areas of high traffic. If you opt for temporary decals, then they are a cinch to remove or replace.

As with anything placed on the floor, our decals are rugged, tough and resistant to scratches, scuffs and marks. We can even make weatherproof ones that will stand up to the harsh punishing sun or anything mother nature can throw at it.

Installation by a qualified professional is recommended, since some surfaces can be a challenge for new installers. Simply peel back the protective covering and then apply to the floor. Make sure any air bubbles are removed by gently using a plastic squeegee to coerce them out.

Maintenance is also quick and simple. A rag dipped in warm water will help remove any dirt that may accumulate over the weeks or months. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or cleaners on the vinyl graphics. A simple damp rag or cloth and some good old-fashioned elbow grease will get rid of any dirt that may have collected on top.

There are two basic applications for floor decals: people movement (directions) and advertising. People movement helps direct the flow of traffic in such large areas as convention centers, trade shows and even county fairs. It can tell people which way foot traffic is supposed to travel, show people where the restrooms or concession stands are or even where the front entrance is.

If you run a religious organization, decals are a wonderful way to get your inspirational messages out to your congregation. Whether inside the church, rectory or in the activities center, you can be sure your congregation will see your messages of inspiration.

Floor decals are great for manufacturing companies or warehouses and you can get them in multi-color or black and white. They are great for a Kanban application and many manufacturing companies utilize them to increase their production, safety and efficiency.

Concerned about pedestrian safety? Our decals are slip and skid proof so people won’t slip and fall on them. They are thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough so they meld right into the floor and they’re not a nuisance for people or machinery to walk or drive over.

If you’re considering getting floor graphics or decals designed or printed up, give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll help you create the perfect graphic for your application.

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