Variable Data & Mapping

Variable data printing is the best way to reach your customers with branded messaging that tells them you know what they need. It’s also known as one-to-one marketing, targeted, or personalized printing.

Variable data makes printing personal

Variable data printing allows you to customize offers specifically to a customer’s likes or past purchase history. This strategy can dramatically increase response rates while reducing overall printing and mailing costs due to more targeted materials as opposed to traditional "shotgun" campaigns.

Generate more business with variable data printing

Direct-mail pieces, invitations, promotional flyers, event promotions, or any other type of product will resonante more effectively with your customers when you use variable data printing. It will also, ultimately generate more business for you. With variable data you can change up the words, the images, and colors in the same print run. Imagine the power your message will carry to your customer when you have crafted a personalized look and feel just for them.

Variable data printing is easy to do with the right list, the right layout, and the right partner to help you carry out your marketing plan. The AlphaGraphics marketing and printing professionals can guide you through the entire process and deliver top quality marketing materials. Your results will take off with variable data printing.

How does variable data printing work?

  • Information from mailing lists or customer databases are matched to data fields in a marketing piece layout

  • Images can vary based on the customer

  • Printing then takes place on a record-by-record basis with a unique piece generated for each customer

Variable Data Printing In Oceanside, NC

If you have a lot of printed materials to send out to a wide range of clientele or prospects, variable data printing will save you a lot of money.

Back in the old days a printing run was just that. The mechanisms involved in printing did not allow for you to change the message or key elements of printed material during a printing run. If you wanted to change something, you had to start a new run. 

AlphaGraphics has digital state-of-the-art printers which will enable you to save money by running an entire print job at once. You can print different data during the same printing run. If you’re not using variable data in your marketing campaigns, you’re missing out. 

People are good at “sniffing” whether mail or other marketing materials can be considered “junk mail”. As such if they receive a standard looking mailer or printing document, they might consider it to be junk. But if you went ahead and personalized that mailer a little bit (with information about them), then they would be more likely to take notice. This is why companies spend so much time creating and grooming their lists. It’s important to have as complete of a picture as you can on your clients, customers, or prospects. 

Direct mail campaigns perform significantly better when variable data is involved. Customizing and personalizing a message tends to achieve higher open and response rates. You can segment your data via a spreadsheet and let AlphaGraphics do the rest. Check with our printing experts in case you’re not sure what format the data needs to be in. 

Catalogs can also benefit from variable data. If you have a certain customer from a certain demographic, you can feature and list products that they might be more prone to purchase. There’s unlimited ways you can use this kind of data in a catalog or other printed collateral. You can even change up the images in your catalogs.

List acquisition can help you get started if you don’t have any data about the people you’re trying to market to. We can help you create a list that has the information you’ll need to take advantage of a variable data marketing campaign. 

 Variable printing has been proven to be a highly effective way of marketing to customers. The more personalized your marketing materials/messages are, the more people will pay attention. Nobody likes to receive a stock-looking or sounding mailer. 

Personalizing your marketing materials is a great way to increase response rates and sales. Give AlphaGraphics a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll help answer any questions you may have regarding this highly effective form of printing!

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