Event posters create buzz and elevate your event

Searching for a way to make a huge statement about your next special event or concert? Try grabbing attention with high-impact posters customized to impress.

Sometimes the best way to tell people about your sale, fundraiser, store opening, or candidate is with a BOLD message. Broadcast your offerings with professionally printed event posters from AlphaGraphics.

From full-service design and content creation to advanced digital printing and delivery, we’ll help you entice and persuade potential clients to act.

For business or fun, we'll help you create vivid event posters

Custom event posters are great for:

  • Product features
  • Company announcements
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Wedding and baby showers
  • Semi-annual promotions
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday parties
  • Concerts

The design possibilities are endless!

Our event poster services include:

  • Strategic consultation
  • Design
  • Content creation
  • Full color or black and white printing on the industry's best digital equipment
  • Shapes and sizes to fit every space
  • High-quality paper stock and finishes
  • Various mounting options for hanging or freestanding signage
  • Packaging and delivery or shipping
  • Campaign analytics and tracking

Create more impact!

Have you considered a customized poster that includes personalization, a QR code, or SMS short code? With our large format printing and multi-channel marketing solutions, you can create integrated campaigns to significantly increase your event’s ROI. Ask us how we can incorporate cross-media strategies into your marketing mix!


AlphaGraphics has the biggest selection of promotional products out there. With more than 700k items, you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll like. Once you find the perfect product, our state-of-the-art digital printers can put your logo or custom brand on it.  Click here to visit our online promotional products store.


There are many ways to take advantage of promo products.


You can give them away to employees to help keep up office morale and incentivize good performance.

Trade shows, conferences and expos are another great place to give away custom promo products. Instead of picking a pen and having your logo put on it, put some time and effort into finding a unique product from our catalog that people will be sure to use and put on their desks.


You can start a social media campaign with our social media marketing services. You can ask for “Likes” or hold a contest in which you will give away a branded t-shirt or other unique gift. This will serve a two-fold purpose in that everyone who likes you and participates in the contest, they will actively be marketing for your company when their friends see that they liked your page.


Promotional products are only a small part of successfully marketing your company. We offer branding and identity solutions which will help you gain trust in the eyes of those people you’re trying to market to.


We also offer marketing services that will help you drive more clients, customers, leads and ultimately sales.

There are many ways to get your logo onto the product. You can have it embroidered (clothing) or silk screened or embossed. Be sure to take advantage of the proofs provided so that you can be 100% sure the items you chose reflect your company vision and mission statement.


Another great tip is to choose an item that will be re-gifted. With over 700k products to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that someone else would like. You could also give out 2 items and encourage people to share. Mouse pads, USB flash drives and other accessories that will be used on a daily basis are great in that they will be sitting on the desk in plain view for all to see. You want to prevent people from receiving your item, then chucking it in a drawer to be forgotten about.


If you discreetly put your logo somewhere, it will be more likely to be worn. If you have a massive logo on the shirt or other clothing item you’re giving away, it might deter people from wearing it out and about. So take a few minutes to think about the recipient of the gift and what they would like. A few minutes of careful planning and forethought will go a long way.


If you need promo products or want to take a look at our catalog, give us a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll help you find the perfect item!



Led Zepplin. The Doors. Jimmy Hendrix.


What do these three great rock legends have in common?


Aside from making great music, they all had event posters created for the various concerts they performed.  Some of which are extremely rare and extremely valuable .


Whether you’re promoting the next Woodstock, or simply trying to get the word out about the latest company get together, you’re going to need event posters and lots of them.


Let AlphaGraphics help you design and create the perfect poster to promote your next event. While we can’t guarantee it will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction 60 years from now, we can guarantee that we will create a vivid, eye-catching promo that will inform people of the time and place to be at.


At AlphaGraphics we have large format printing equipment, which means we can produce gorgeous marketing materials to help brand your company in a very impactful way. Poster printing is a great way to get your message out to your customer base, no matter if you’re a large business, a small company or an individual that needs to promote something specific.


There are no quantities too large or too small for us, and our methods allow us to produce your posters quickly and efficiently so you will have them in time for your event. We have a variety of finishes and papers, such as matte and gloss, and even print your posters on materials like foamcore, gatorboard, or even canvas. We can also make them UV and scratch resistant so they stand the test of time and can be reused in the future.


We have been in business for over 60 years and in that time have helped countless local businesses and groups with their poster needs.  If your graphic design skills leave something to be desired, there’s no shame in admitting it. Our in-house graphic design experts can create the perfect poster based on the event you’re putting on along with the type of people you’re trying to attract.


A classical recital concerto will require a slightly different design than a local punk rock band performing at a dive bar down by the beach. A corporate event will require a design that is in line with your corporate and marketing message requirements.  Whatever you need, we can handle it.


In this day and age of internet marketing, you shouldn’t overlook certain technologies which can help your marketing efforts. For example, if you add a QR or SMS Short Code to your event poster, you can take that offline traffic and direct them to a website via their cell phones.  From there you can capture their information (name, email, address) and then send them reminders of the event. You can even market to them via an email for any future events you think they might be interested in attending.


Event posters aren’t just limited to concerts and corporate events. Trade shows, epos and even semi-annual promotions are all a great way to get your message out to the public.  Many retail stores have posters printed up to promote an annual or semi-annual event. This can lead to increased foot traffic which in turn leads to increased sales.


The best thing about posters is that they can be reused over and over again, provided that you store them safely and securely. The recommended way to put a poster in storage is to purchase a cardboard tube and then roll the poster up and slide it inside the tube. Store it in an area that has relatively low humidity (or purchase some dessicant packs and put them inside the cardboard tube to protect against moisture).


If you’re considering getting a poster designed or created for your next company, personal or corporate event, give the experts at your local AlphaGraphics a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and one of our friendly experts will help answer any questions you may have.


Let us help you get started

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