Corrugated Plastic Signs

For inexpensive short-term signage, you can't be lightweight, colorfast corrugated plastic

Effective and affordable corrugated plastic signs

How about a unique, custom-colored display for an upcoming trade show or conference? Corrugated plastic signs are commonly used for political, real estate, a-frames, and short-term outdoor events.

Combining our advanced digital printing with the unique properties of corrugated plastic, our team can help you create striking signage. Corrugated plastic is extraordinarily versatile, and the marketing experts at AlphaGraphics know just how to maximize its benefits to get your business results. 

Need a yard sign to promote your open house or in-home accounting services?

This sturdy, inexpensive material is non-toxic, waterproof, and totally customizable. Some popular uses for corrugated plastic are:

  • Menu boards
  • Indoor point-of-purchase displays
  • Stage materials
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Special event signage

Uses for corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic is corrosion-resistant and water-proof and is well-suited for temporary outdoor use. Translucent Coroplast is excellent for catching and reflecting light, giving your signage the added advantage of a colorful “glow” when backlit.

The options for installation and displaying your corrugated plastic sign are endless.

Some corrugated plastic sign features include:

  • Frames and stakes
  • Grommets
  • Easels
  • Suction cups
  • Velcro

Corrugated Plastic Signs Inoceanside, NC

Ask any realtor or local politician and they’ll tell you: Coroplast is the stuff of dreams.

Picture an economical material that can have brightly colored graphics printed on it and will last for a long time, even in the harsh outdoor elements. 

That’s Coroplast. 

What exactly is it? 

First off, it’s a brand name of a plastic material that looks, works and feels like corrugated cardboard. Except when the lawn sprinklers turn on, it won’t melt away like a piece of cardboard would. 

This material is great for when you need temporary signage. Just a few ideas of how you can use this amazing material: 

- Real estate open houses

- Political candidates (“Vote for so-and-so and I promise to do such-and-such”)

- Outdoor events such as weddings or concerts (can also be used as directional signage to move people from the parking lot to the area of the event) 

The best thing about it is that it is weather proof. At AlphaGraphics, we have very expensive printers that can use UV-resistant inks which will not fade in the sun or run when the lawn sprinklers are turned on. The plastic itself can be reusable provided that it’s stored properly. 

There are also many ways to mount the sign.

You can hang it from a wall using double sided Velcro tape (for super temporary events or usage) or you can have grommets installed and have it hung from the ceiling or other area. It’s very lightweight so in case it falls, it won’t break or shatter into a thousand tiny pieces. It will just kind of float downwards at a low rate of speed and sit there until you pick it up and re-hang it. 

Have lots of glass window space?  

You can use suction cups as well to mount the signs in the front windows of your business. Or you have use the metal A-frame stands where you stick both ends into the grass on the lawn or in the dirt and it will stay there as directional signage. 

If you’re really looking to make an impression, you can opt for translucent Coroplast. It has special properties that reflect and catch light, and gives off an extremely bright and colorful glow when you add a backlight to it. This would make for a great evening event as the glow can illuminate a walking patch. 

Another wonderful use is for theater production companies. Stage props need to be light, durable and most importantly, re-usable. You can have an entire backdrop scene printed on a piece and after the show is over, it will store easily in a closet. 

The next time you need a lightweight material for your signs, give the experts at your local AlphaGraphics a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll show you how Coroplast is the answer to your signage problems.

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