At AlphaGraphics, our custom annual report design, printing, and binding services help you create a compelling handout that fits your business brand and office needs.

Tell your financial story with a custom designed annual report

Although all of your marketing materials should communicate important messages about your organization, nothing tells your company's story in a more comprehensive way than your annual report.

It's your chance to share your successes with your customers and stakeholders while allowing you to put your best foot forward for the next year of sales.

A polished look

At AlphaGraphics, our friendly team can help you design and print your annual report.

Our report printing services include:

  • Brand-strengthening layouts
  • Compelling images
  • Finishing and binding
  • Designs that reflect the culture of your organization

Getting started

How to get your project rolling

  • Work with our design specialists, who will help you create an annual report that fits your company’s image and culture
  • If you already have a design in your files, send it to us and we’ll prepare it for printing

Finishing options

Aqueous or UV coating: protects your report cover and gives it a finished look

  • Aqueous is a varnish that is applied to the paper as your report is printed
  • UV is a laminate that is applied to your printed pages and then cured using ultraviolet light

Perfect binding: is similar to paperback book binding, affixes a trimmed cover using glue and is ideal for larger reports

Saddle-stitching: where staples are inserted in the center of the book, is more economical than glue and is a great option for smaller reports

Side-stitching: uses staples to bind the book from front to back

Die-cutting: a window in the cover of your report is an economical way to include a thicker cover while still displaying the report title

Printed tabs: can make sections easier to find

Annual Report Printing In Oceanside, NC

Annual reports are one of the biggest marketing tools out there. If your annual report looks like it hasn’t been updated in ages, perhaps it’s time to visit AlphaGraphics Oceanside. Our expert designers will help transform your annual report into something you’d be proud to share with your customers, stakeholder and shareholders. 

We utilize brand-strengthening layouts that allow anyone reading it to intuitively digest and comprehend the data and charts. Our usage of compelling images will help drive home the message of key performance indicators. The finish and binding options are varied and will reflect a professional image throughout along with designs that will accurately reflect your organization and its culture.

Aqueous or UV Coatings will help protect the cover of your report from any liquid spills (or time and age) and it will give it a very professional look and feel. Aqueous is a varnish type of material that is applied to the paper when the report is being printed. UV is a laminate which is applied to the pages and cured with a UV light.

You can opt for many binding options such as: 

Perfect binding – A cover is affixed so that the report looks and feels just like a paperback book.

Side-stitching - Is where the book will be bound by staples from back to front.

Saddle-stitching – Is when staples are put into the center of the book. This is a good option for small reports as it is more economical and less labor intensive that adding glue to each page.

Die-cutting – Is when a window is placed in the cover of the book. This allows for a thicker cover while still showing the title of the report.

Printed tabs – Will help highlight certain sections of the report so people can easily find them. 

The best way to get started is to give us a call, or contact us via email. We’ll need a little information about your company and the report itself. You can even send us design files by clicking the “Send a File” button at the top of this page. We’ll work with you via email or on the phone to ensure your report is exactly as you want it. 

Your annual report is something that will express in writing how your company does business. Take a few minutes to sit down with AlphaGraphics Oceanside and let us help you transform your annual report into something that will reflect the professionalism and dedication of your brand and company. 

If you’re looking for help designing and printing your annual report, give us a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll be there to answer any questions you may have.

Let us help you get started