Custom calendars are still a relevant method for ensuring your business stays front and center with clients and potential customers. The utility of printed calendars is undeniable—many busy individuals and businesses still use wall or desk calendars as their primary daily calendars.

Custom calendar design and printing made easy

Custom wall and desk calendars offer year-round marketing of your business in a neat, highly-useful package. Distribute your custom calendars at trade shows and conferences. Offer them near the register at retail locations, or mail them in your multi-media marketing campaigns. However you circulate them, partner with AlphaGraphics marketing professionals for high-quality, high-value printed materials every time.

Organized & up-to-date

Help visitors and clients stay organized, track appointments and special events, and check dates with an attractive full-color branded calendar. Craft the perfect solution:

  • Choose wall, pocket, or desk formats
  • Make it personal with variable data 
  • Incorporate photos, brand messaging, and graphics
  • Create an original design or use our unique templates
  • Take advantage of our dry erase options

Calendars have a multi-use appeal

The great thing about promotional calendars is their multi-use appeal: by providing clients with an organizational tool they’ll use every day, you’re placing your brand messaging in a prime viewing location for an entire year. Custom calendars allow you to add in a few unobtrusive reminders about special events and incentives offered by your organization.

Make More Impact

  • Incorporate important brand messages and logos
  • Use variable data fields to add client names right in the calendar graphics
  • Add QR codes, PURLs, coupons, and SMS short codes
  • Choose from an array of custom, heavy-duty paper stocks and finishes

Various Display Options

  • Hanging
  • Adhesive padding
  • Magnetic
  • Free-standing

Calendar Design And Printing In Oceanside, NC

In this electronic computer, cell phone, and tablet age, who uses calendars anymore? 

The answer is: millions of people! 

Take a look around any given office and you’ll find the vast majority of office cubicles have physical wall hanging calendars on them. People use them to jot down important notes and important dates. 

It’s actually easier to slightly move your eyeballs to the right to visually confirm any dates or appointments on a wall hanging calendar than it is to manually open the calendar app on your cell phone, tablet or computer. 

Calendars are also a great way to market your company on a year-round basis. At the end (or beginning) of the year you can have them printed up and shipped to your clients, customers and anyone else you do business with. This way all year round your company logo will be very visible on their calendar, especially if they put it in a conspicuous place in their cubicle or office. 

AlphaGraphics can help you with an awesome graphic design and print the perfect calendar. We have years of experience helping local businesses with their printing and marketing materials. You can choose from wall, pock or desk formats. The wall one is able to hang on the wall (via tape or a push pin). The pocket type of calendar can fit inside anyone’s pocket or purse and the desk format resides on top of the desk. 

You can put variable data on them. Variable data is when you segment your customers/clients and then choose who receives which marketing message. This way it will seem more personalized than it would if you were to send them a generic one. 

A good idea is to incorporate brand messaging, graphics and photos. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of this calendar is for the person who receives it to hang it in an area where they will be seeing it on a regular basis. So, choose images and graphics that people will like. 

For office workers, sometimes the tried-and-true cute puppies/kittens works best. For mechanics and other tradesmen, you can try cars or other types of machinery. 

You can even add in special dates and events. Have an annual sale? Be sure to mention it on a certain date. This way when that date rolls around, whomever has your printed materials will be sure to be reminded of the event. 

You can even add a PURL, SMS Short Code or QR code to help transition them online. Maybe you’d like to run a survey or build your marketing list. By putting these multi-channel marketing messages on there, you’re better able to reach your target customer or client with something they’d be interested in. 

You can add various display options such as adhesive padding (that won’t damage the wall), hanging (where a hole is punched in the top center so people can hang it with a push pin) or magnetic. Free standing ones are also very popular as they will be put on top of the desk no matter what. 

If you’re looking to get a calendar designed and printing, give us a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll help you create the perfect one you can send to all of your clients and customers!

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