Banner Stands & Pop-ups

Trade show and event advertising are an investment in your brand. You want visitors to associate your displays with quality, ingenuity, and professionalism. AlphaGraphics can help.

Banner stands grab the attention of passersby

Customers and prospects should be impressed from the moment they set eyes on your advertising materials. We’ll let you in on a little secret … size does matter. That’s why AlphaGraphics offers a diverse selection of large format, high-impact solutions like banners, banner stands, and pop-up banners

Why our banner stands?

Sometimes you have limited wall space to hang a banner. Other times, you don’t have the tools or structure in place to display them properly. AlphaGraphics has been in the business for over 50 years, and we understand your business needs. That's why we print attention-grabbing graphics and also provide the perfect fittings to show off your banners.

So you caught their attention... now what?
Impress and inform event visitors with high-quality printed materials.

Materials that will last

Like any investment, you want your banners to stand for your brand long-term. Your marketing materials need to withstand repeated use or seasonal display. AlphaGraphics produces banners, banner stands, and pop-up banners with durable, high-quality materials that are made to last, even when they are displayed outside.

Our banner stand options:

  • Retractable banners and banner ups
  • Stand up and pop up banners
  • Banner stands
  • Grommets and reinforcements for hanging if needed

Our printed material options include: 

  • Flyers and brochures
  • Clever giveaways and apparel
  • Booklets and catalogs
  • Eye-catching business cards
  • Modern signs and promotional banners
  • Industry-specific infographics

Our marketing materials incorporate:

  • QR codes
  • PURLs
  • SMS short codes
  • Social media profiles

Banner Stands Oceanside, NC

If space is a little tight but having a banner is a must, come to AlphaGraphics in Oceanside and let us help you out. We carry high-quality banner stands, banner ups, and banner popups that are easy to use as well as affordable. Our durable yet lightweight banner stands are the perfect solution for small space display struggles, so come in today and we’ll help you select the stand that fits your needs best. 

When you need signage and signage materials, look no further than AlphaGraphics. We have been in business for over 60 years and know how to create the perfect marketing materials for your business. 

There are many ways to present and show your banners to your clients or customers. Here are just a few of the many options available to you: 

Banner Stands

These durable and long lasting stands will display the beautiful and eye-catching graphic banners that we can design for you. There are a wide variety of options to choose from. They are also portable so after you’re done using them, you can store them in the utility closet and they will be good as new the next time you need them.

Retractable Banner Stands

If you’re looking for super-portability, then a retractable stand is the way to go. Simply put it in the back of your car, truck or van and drive to where it’s going to be used. It only requires one person to load, unload and retract. 

Banner Ups

Are an adhesive grommet tab that you put on the corners of your banner. They’re usually made out of plastic. They prevent the corners from getting damaged by overlaying an adhesive attached to a clear piece of plastic.  You won’t need a grommet, just simply peel and stick. You can make a hangable banner in a matter of minutes using Banner Ups. 

Banner Pop Ups

This is another easy, economical and efficient way of exhibiting the marketing message on your banner without having to set up a 3-ring circus. It consists of lightweight metal or plastic tubes which “pop up” (kind of like those pop up books we read when we were kids). Attached to the tubes is a full color, printed banner. As it unfolds, the banner gets displayed in full.  When you’re ready to shut down for the day, simply fold it and the banner and tubes collapse in an easy to store package. 

You can always opt for grommets to be installed. A metal ring and a hole are cut in all four corners of the banner. You thread some rope through the grommet and this is how you hand/display the banner. Grommets will last for a very long time and won’t detract attention from the marketing message on the banner itself. 

AlphaGraphics has designed you the perfect banner. Now it’s up to you with regards to how you’re going to display it. These are just a few of the options available to you. 

If you need a way to display or hang your banner, give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll let you know the various options available based upon your needs. 

Premium Banner Stands And Displays

When you don’t want an overwhelming banner looming overhead, banner stands are a great way to display what you need in smaller spaces. Our premium banner stands and displays are as effective as any wall banner, but require much less space. Just let us know what you are planning and we’ll point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting your banner stand.


  • Indoor and outdoor collapsible stands
  • Retractable banner stands and banner ups
  • Stand-up and popup banners
  • Lightweight and heavy duty options
  • Deluxe banner stands
  • And more 

Professional Finishes

Our team of designers can create your custom banner with ease! We are happy to put together a banner that really pops, and we have a wide variety of customizable options that will make your banner unique.


  • Custom sizes
  • Lamination and glossy finishes
  • Color or black and white printing
  • Cloth, vinyl, and more
  • Freestanding or mountable options

Fast And Friendly

At AlphaGraphics, we are happy to help you in any way possible, and when we do, you can expect us to work quickly and efficiently. Give us a call at (760) 722-1485 to get started today, or click here for a free quote request. 


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