Magnetic Graphics

Grab attention with vibrant magnetic signs and graphics for your business.

Magnetic graphics are a versatile way to make a statement

AlphaGraphics offers quality custom magnets for every purpose imaginable—so you can elevate brand awareness with finesse.

Magnetic graphics are an inexpensive, repositionable alternative to permanent signs and vehicle wraps.

Creative usage ideas?

Magnetic calendars Hand out magnetic calendars with your logo and contact information to clients.

Appointment reminders Give patients handy appointment reminders with a list of emergency numbers.

Door magnets Gear up your company vans and trucks with eye-catching door magnets.

Promotional items Give away uniquely shaped fridge magnets and magnetic business cards at events and trade shows.

No matter your promotional idea, custom magnets will make a bold statement that will be seen over and over again.

Magnetic graphics options

Some magnetic graphic options include:

  • Retail displays
  • Refrigerator reminders
  • Magnetic business cards
  • Vehicle magnets – large or small
  • Magnetic signs
  • Magnetic promotional items
  • Photo magnets
  • Save the date magnets
Our magnetic graphics services include:
  • Professional graphic design
  • Custom-cut shapes and sizes
  • Varying magnetic stocks and thicknesses
  • UV and weather resistant ink and coatings
  • Advanced black-and-white, spot color, or full-color printing

Whether you’re a baker, real estate agent, daycare owner or florist, magnetic graphics will add spice and dimension to your marketing mix.

Ready to get started? We can make just about any of your signs magnetic receptive.

Contact a member of our marketing team today, and we’ll help you design creative magnetic promotions with staying power.

Magnetic Graphics In Oceanside, NC

Magnetic graphics are great when you need something magnetic to advertise your business or event. 

For example, taxi cab companies print off a bunch of magnetic business cards. People put them on their refrigerators and the next time they need a cab, no more having to search on the internet for a reliable company. 

Doctors, dentists and even chiropractors can benefit from handing out appointment reminders. Their patients can stick them on the fridge and by doing so they will lessen the chances of missing their next appointment. 

If you don’t want to spring for a full vehicle wrap, car door magnets are a great way to advertise your business. If you offer delivery services you can give them to your employees to put on the sides of their doors during working hour. Or if you are a service professional, you can slap one on the sides and backs of your work vehicle. 

Promo items are always in high demand. Promote your company or services and usually those magnets will wind up being stuck on the fridge in the employee breakroom. This will give your company or business even more free advertising as employees come and go. 

Little league baseball and other youth sports can have pictures of the entire team printed on a magnet and give to each player at the end of the sports season. Alphagraphics has state-of-the-art printers which can print super high resolution photos and pictures. Just be sure to bring in at least a 300dpi photo as we can scale down, but if we try to scale up the photo won’t look as sharp or detailed. Most camera phones and digital cameras can take high resolution photographs that will suffice. 

Realtors tend to put one of these signs on both sides of their car as they’re showing a house. The neighbors and even other passerby’s will be able to see their contact info. A QR code works great in a situation like this, as someone could just pull out their cell phone and snap a picture of the car sign to capture your information and even be sent to a mobile website of your choosing. 

More recently restaurants have been using magnets as a way to advertise the special of the day or week. There are a lot of appliances and kitchen items that a magnet will adhere to. It’s a great way to increase the overall amount of money a customer spends. You could even offer a free drink or advertise your loyalty rewards program. The possibilities are endless! 

If you’re considering getting a magnetic card or sign designed or created give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and well help you create the perfect magnetic sign to advertise your event or business.

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