Name Badges & Tags

Name badges and name tags start conversations off on the right foot.

Do your clients know who to ask when they have a question?

Polished name tags start these key interactions off on the right foot. Whether you need traditional or eclectic designs, AlphaGraphics offers professional name badge solutions for every budget.

Convert simple hellos into rapid sales.

Convert simple hellos into rapid sales with customized name tags that expertly represent your business.

Our nametag options include:
  • Durable plastic and metal materials
  • Magnetic, pin-style, or clip back
  • Beveled or rounded edges
  • Engraving or silk-screening
  • Pocket, visitor, and framed badges

Customized to your needs

Personalize: Personalize your employee name tags with logos, a variety of finishes, and full-color pictures or backgrounds.

Quantity discounts: Need to place a large order for an annual event or highly-anticipated conference? We offer budget friendly quantity discounts.

Have a design in mind?

We’re happy to transform your prepared files to order, or our team of marketing experts can assist you in designing custom name badges that exemplify your brand. Our full-service business centers can also professionally pack and ship your products right to your desk (or the door of your event)!

Name Badges And Name Tags In Oceanside, NC

Are your employees walking around the store with antiquated or sub-par name badges that don’t accurately reflect your brand? 

Nothing reflects more poorly on your brand or business than employees who can’t be identified by your clients or customers (who’s the manager?). Custom name badges are a great way to show professionalism and help your customers at the same time. 

Name badges don’t have to be those antiquated rectangles that were so prevalent in the 1980’s on servers and store employees. At AlphaGraphics, we have the ability to make customized or even highly eclectic name tag designs. Not only will your customers love them, but your employees will love them as well. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to name tags: 

  • They can be silk-screened or engraved.
  • The badges can be framed.
  • If you’re not into the pin-style, you can opt for the clip back or magnetic tags.
  • Materials range from metal to plastic.
  • The edges can be beveled, rounded or turned into a completely custom shape (eg: let’s say you own and operate a fruit smoothie business, you could have a banana-shaped name badge printed up and your employees name printed on the banana). 

We have state-of-the-art printers at AlphaGraphics and can reproduce high-quality photos and other images. What if you put a picture of your employee on his/her name badge? This works especially well in sensitive and secure places of business such as banks and/or medical institutions. 

Even government agencies can benefit from a picture name tag. It will help out with OPSEC (operations security) for businesses that have an active security department or deal with sensitive materials. 

We even offer quantity discounts so you can outfit your entire office or organization for less than what you’d pay elsewhere. Trade shows and conferences can also benefit from quantity discounts. Most trade shows go with the pocket or plastic framed tags that are attached to a lanyard that gets worn around your neck. 

If you only have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, you can always take advantage of our design services. Our experts can help you design the perfect badge or tag that will compliment your brand and business. We have helped countless businesses over the years and know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work. 

If you need a last-minute order and don’t have time or the means to pick up the badges from AlphaGraphics, we can always ship straight to the front desk or door of your event. 

At AlphaGraphics, we specialize in working with businesses to help them fulfill their printing and marketing needs. If you are considering getting name tags or badges printed up, give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email. One of our friendly experts will help you create the perfect tag or badge.

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