Flags and Stands

Brightly colored and lively, branded flags will draw eyes to your event or location and help people find what they’re looking for.

Event flags make the most of your outdoor advertising

Brightly colored and lively, branded flags will draw eyes to your event or location and help people find what they’re looking for.

What’s better than a larger-than-life banner or flag proclaiming your organization’s branding? Event flags are extremely versatile! Whether you’re promoting a sale or sending the message “We’re HERE!”, custom flags catch the eye and cement your location into people’s minds.

Our flag printing solutions include:

  • Pole and panel signs
  • Flagpole banners
  • A-Frame banners
  • Outdoor flags and stands
  • Façade flags

Production Options

Our flag production options include:

  • Custom-appliqués
  • Digital printing
  • Screen-printing and dying
  • Fluorescent, light-reflecting fabric
  • Customizable dimensions and shapes
  • Graphic design and content creation
  • Poles, bases, and stands
  • Grommets and other display hardware

6 ways to put flags to work for any business

Point the way. Display way-finding flags to direct crowds at fairs, parades, or races.
Catch their eyes. Promote your business at grand openings, fundraisers, or sporting events.
Interior decor. Build company morale with brightly branded interior flags in your office or retail location.
Big event. Create custom event flags for outdoor sales at car dealerships, farmer's markets or shipping centers.
Team spirit. Boost school pride during orientation or graduations with collegiate flags.
Sales. Grab attention for car washes, case lot sales, summer festivals and more!

Elevate your brand.

If your goal is to elevate your brand with informative and engaging advertising, our marketing experts can help you develop a strategy that maximizes your investment. Event materials like flags, signs, and banners will achieve higher response rates and engage greater interaction with potential customers.

Some integrated marketing tools include:

  • PURLs
  • MMS and SMS messaging
  • QR codes, and Mobile apps

Not sure where to start? No problem.
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Flag Design & Production In Oceanside, NC

Whether you’re a pirate whose cannonball-battered ship is moored just outside the harbor or you’re a local business owner looking for a teardrop flag to promote your business, AlphaGraphics can help design and print your Jolly Roger or other promotional flag. 

Why AlphaGraphics? Because we’ve been in business for well over 60 years. 

As a marketing, print and communication company that primarily caters to businesses (and one-eyed pirates looking for a new Skull and Bones that doesn’t have a cannonball hole through the middle of it), we understand what it takes to successfully market your business in this day and age. 

Teardrop flags are extremely popular amongst small businesses nowadays.  They are a great way to tell people that you’re having a grand opening, or to promote a certain product or service.  The teardrops we print are extremely colorful and will catch the eye of almost anyone walking by. 

Because of the lightweight but durable material they are made out of, they are designed to catch the wind, and this movement (along with the bright colored designs printed on them) is what makes people stop and look. 

Due to our unique location by the ocean, you can take advantage of the morning and afternoon sea breezes which will have your flag flying high and waving in the wind. 

A-Frame banners are another great way of getting your marketing message out to the public. They are sturdy and weatherproof. We can even print them with a special UV ink that won’t fade or melt in the hot afternoon sun. The best part of these kinds of banners it that they can be folded up and compactly stored until you open for business again the next day. 

Flagpole banners are great for city events and marking special occasions. We also offer installation, so you won’t have to find a contractor who may or may not have the needed experience to safely install the flagpole banners. 

Need help with the graphics design?  We provide designs that can take advantage of the shape of each flag configuration.

We also offer a wide variety of printing and production options, such as digital printing, screen-printing (and dying). You can also opt for fluorescent, light-reflecting fabric which can be seen from a long ways away. We also carry a wide variety of bases, stands, poles and hardware to mount your new banner or flag.

The sky is the limit when it comes to proudly displaying your business on a printed piece of cloth that’s designed to be carried by the wind and showcase your business or event. Give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and one of our knowledgeable experts will answer any questions you may have!

Outdoor Flags And Stands In Oceanside, NC

Outdoor flags are all the rage nowadays. From the guy with a hotdog stand at the beach to the grand opening of a local yoga studio, outdoor flags draw attention to the person, place or event they are advertising. 

Why flags? Because if you’re going to be advertising your business or an event outdoors, take advantage of the wind. Just a slight breeze can cause a flag to move and sway. This movement, combined with colorful, vivid and an eye-catching design can cause people to take instant notice. 

One of the most popular flags is the tear drop. It’s usually attached to a plastic pole and the flag itself is in the shape of a teardrop. The canvas it’s printed on is very sturdy and wind/water proof. Even on a windy day it won’t blow around as it’s attached firmly to the pole which is anchored into the soil or on a stand. The best part is that they are extremely portable and will easily fit inside most passenger cars. 

The teardrops have vivid and bright colored graphics and text printed on them. They are easy to read from a distance and naturally command attention as they can range over 6’ in height. 

A-Frame banners rest upon a triangular skeleton, usually aluminum. The A-frames can go inside or outside. If they are placed outside, they can rest on the grass, sand or dirt/pavement. They are sturdy enough that a light to medium breeze will not affect them or move them around. 

Flagpole banners come in a wide range of sizes. From a few feet tall to over 9’ in height, these kinds of banners have many applications. They can be attached to a metal stand, or hung from poles that are attached to the lampposts of cities. These are sometimes referred to as “street pole banners”. 

Façade flags have a more typical type, look and feel to them. You can have the California State flag printed up, or any number of countries or designs. They’re great for hanging outside businesses and establishments and help draw attention to an otherwise plain-looking front of your business. 

They are also weatherproof, so you can leave them outside, overnight or in the sun and they won’t rot, fade or get damaged. Cleanup is also very easy: just wipe them down with a wet cloth and any dirt or grime collected will wash away instantly. 

If you’re looking for both an economical and effortless way of drawing attention to your event or business, flags are a great way to go. Give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll help you design and print something that will draw attention to your business or event.

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