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You only have a few seconds to get the attention of those potential clients. But how? Start with a unique, visually appealing exhibit that boasts bright, compelling graphics and branded messaging.

Stop them in their tracks with custom exhibits and displays

Trade shows and other events offer prime opportunities to showcase your brand and products, while cultivating valuable customer relationships. That’s a tall order, but the marketing communications experts at AlphaGraphics are here to help.

Perfect for events and promotions

Let us help you in designing a truly “remarkable” display that not only showcases your best products but is a conversation piece in and of itself. We offer a myriad of options for starting productive conversations with prospects.

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Covering all your trade show needs

Not only can AlphaGraphics marketing experts help you confidently represent your company with a branded booth, but our full-service solutions include everything you’ll need to stock and adorn it. Get high-quality promotional materials that truly reflect your brand.

Things to consider during booth design

Built to last

Save time and money in the long run by choosing high-quality materials that can be reused year after year. Consider an adjustable booth that will fit multiple trade show and expo configurations.

Only the best

Resist the urge to display all of your latest and greatest products. Space is limited, so highlight only your bestsellers to prevent overwhelming your visitors.

Communicate clearly

What is your key differentiator? Make sure your graphics and text support this message and unmistakably represent your brand

Don't sacrifice function

Design your booth to be spacious and easily navigated. Factor in the sections you’ll need to clearly demonstrate and display your products and services.

Browse our exhibits & displays specialties below and let us help your business excel every step of the way.



You only have a few seconds to capture those event attendees’ attention before they’re lost in a sea of booths. How can you grab their eyes? Begin with a unique, visually appealing backdrop that boasts bright, compelling graphics and messaging.

Backlit Graphics

Backlit Graphics

In a marketplace with branding as far as the eye can see, backlit graphics add dimension and visual interest to static advertising, showcasing your business by day, and glowing like a beacon at night.

Banner Stands, Ups & Pop-ups

Banner Stands, Ups & Pop-ups

Trade show and event advertising are an investment in your brand. You want visitors to associate your displays with quality, ingenuity, and professionalism. AlphaGraphics can help.

Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Boards

Increasing brand visibility and communicating a brand message is synonymous with building a solid customer base. That’s why creative, flexible marketing materials are imperative. Do your dry erase or message boards need a facelift? We can help!

Kiosk Displays

Kiosk Displays

Whether you’re providing relevant information to customers via a retail display, or marketing your brand at a trade show, kiosks are a versatile way to interact with your customers.

Table Throws

Table Throws

Table throws are a quick way to brand any event

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

When you attend a trade show, your booth, signage and printed materials represent your brand. They should grab visitors’ attention and make them want to know more.

Exhibits And Displays In Oceanside, NC

Put yourself in the shoes of the average trade show visitor. You’ve committed an entire day (or more) to walking the halls, checking out the booths and looking for the right company to buy from or work with. 

You come across a booth that only has a cheap looking table cloth strewn across a folding metal table. A couple of rusting, folding metal chairs that look like they just crawled out of a Soviet-era horror film sit at either end of the table. 

You think to yourself: “If this is the best this company can do as far as making a first impression….I wonder if their company values/products reflect the sorry state of their trade show display?” 

As mean-spirited as it sounds, people are judging your company whenever you make a public appearance. Especially when you pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend a trade show, but make relatively little effort in making a good first impression. 

The companies that are successful and pull a high ROI from appearing at trade shows are the ones who make an effort to ensure their trade show exhibits and displays are top-notch. It showcases their products in the best light possible, and leaves a lasting good first impression on all who visit. 

It makes sense to invest as much money as your marketing budget can afford into your exhibits and displays. You can re-use them year after year and reap an even higher ROI as time goes by.

What exactly are “exhibit and displays”? 

Pop-up booths are a general name given to a class of tradeshow materials that are easy to store, easy to set up and are relatively lightweight. Generally speaking, these booths are designed with portability in mind. There isn’t a need for a 10 man team (and a couple of circus elephants holding the ropes down) to set up these displays. Just yank it out of your storage closet, throw it in the backseat of your car, truck or van and set it up in no time on the convention or trade show floor. 

Sleek exhibition flooring is another great way to set your booth apart from the garden variety booths your neighbors or competitors have. The flooring can be relatively plain, or it can contain marketing info or your company logo. Best of all, it’s reusable year after year so you can maximize your ROI. 

Banner stands/Literature racks are great for the weary trade show attendee who doesn’t have the time to engage you or one of your sales reps in conversation. Put the free standing multi-document holder or rack stand out front and let people grab them as they need.  AlphaGraphics can also help you design and print the perfect literature and marketing collateral that will help promote your products and services. 

When you need top notch exhibits and displays for your next trade show or convention, give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and one of our friendly experts will help answer any questions you might have!

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