Social Distancing Signage

Promote safety and social distancing within your business.

For the foreseeable future, social distancing will be a feature of doing business.

Whatever your industry or the size of your business, you will need to implement measures to keep your employees, customers, and vendors safe.

AlphaGraphics has a variety of social distancing signage solutions, from floor graphics for keeping a 6-foot distance, to directional signage, to instructional posters for practicing healthy behaviors.

Print-ready signs, templates, and custom solutions

Choose your level of customization. AlphaGraphics has pre-designed options that can be used as is, or as templates where you can add your own information and branding. Or, partner with us to create custom signage to meet your business needs.

  • Social distancing floor decals
  • Directional signage
  • One way and no entry markers
  • Social distancing instructional posters and window signs
  • Contactless payment reminders
  • Instructions for hand-washing and hand sanitizing

Contact us today! We can help to equip your space with all the social distancing, health, and safety signage you need to keep your people safe.


Are you looking for a way to remind individuals to practice social distancing? Here at AlphaGraphics Oceanside, we can print floor graphics and decals to remind everyone to stay six feet apart. Floor graphics are ideal for all businesses reopening, typically for entrances, aisles, and any lines for the register or cashier. We also offer custom floor graphics and decals!

Contact AlphaGraphics Oceanside today and order your floor graphics and decals.

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