Conventions are all about the details

Hosting a successful event is a huge responsibility. Organization, clear objectives, and a reliable support team are imperative to the success of your event.

Whether you’re an event planner, part of a training organization, or you operate a convention or meeting venue, your printed and marketing materials play a vital role in your event’s outcome.

Victory is in the details

Nothing re-energizes and inspires people like a well-executed convention. AlphaGraphics understands your need for a reliable, full-service solutions partner from early planning to last-minute crisis management. Fresh ideas and a renewed desire to achieve shared goals; that’s what attendees should take away from your long-awaited meeting of the minds.

AlphaGraphics provides full service solutions—so you can trust the particulars to us, and focus on pulling off an event to remember. From elegant banners and pristine brochures to integrated marketing campaigns using variable data and online tactics, we’ve got the tools to make you look good. We understand your business, your schedules and objectives, and we’ll help ensure that your meeting or event is a success—from initial planning and marketing through post-event follow up.

8 Tips to plan an epic convention

  • Select a theme. Choose something memorable that unifies your key messages.
  • Request speakers early. The ones with “wow” factor book up fast.
  • Pick an excellent printer. Order materials well in advance, and always get a few more than you think you’ll need.
  • Hire a team to handle tech. Having someone on hand to troubleshoot problem equipment is invaluable
  • Choose the right venue. In the long run, comfort matters more than effect.
  • Manage event details in one place. Stay organized and keep volunteers up-to-date by storing all information in an easily accessible online drive.
  • Get people talking. Ask your network to promote your event.
  • Gather post-event feedback. Survey attendees to refine future efforts.

Conventions In Oceanside

If you’ve been tasked with putting on a convention, you’re starting to realize that it is a massive affair. It usually takes a committee of people over a year to successfully plan and execute a convention. From renting the venue to marketing, conventions require a group of people with a specific set of talents.

 AlphaGraphics has been helping local businesses put on conventions and trade shows for well over 60 years. We’re well-versed in what’s needed to successfully plan the perfect convention.

 Our state-of-the-art printers will ensure that your materials are perfect and will last for years to come. If your company or organization puts on the same conference every year, then you can use the same materials over and over again (provided that they are properly stored when not in use).

 At some point, you’re going to need to market your event or conference. AlphaGraphics is not only a professional print shop, but we’re a full-service marketing agency as well. From email marketing, to mobile website development to direct mail, we can help you get the word out for your next event.

 A great way to ensure that your conference next year is fully booked is to start with the conference this year.

Collect The Following For Your Conference Participants:

  • Names and titles
  • Email addresses and phone
  • Home / Business addresses

 Let them know that the conference you’re putting on is an annual affair so they can start marking their calendars at least a year in advance. It takes a lot of energy and effort for people to attend conferences and conventions and by giving them a 12-month notice, you’re ensuring that they’ll have more than enough time to make hotel and flight arrangements.

 Need help with providing notices to your hundreds or even thousands of clients?  We can help.  With variable printing, color printing and custom envelope design we can provide customer invitations that look awesome.

 If you’re booking a hotel for your guests to stay at, have a few pop-up banners printed with your company logo and the name of the conference on them. It will add cohesiveness to the event and will make your patrons feel special when they walk into the hotel lobby and see a pop up banner or flag with the name of your conference on it.

 Don't forget promotional products!  Whether you are handing out a free kit to all attendees that includes pens and other items with the company logo on them, and/or want to sell company-logo products at the convention store, head on over to our online promotional products store and order enough for your event.  On this site, you can customize whatever promotional products you want with your company logo, motto, the theme of the convention, etc. to give the desired message to the convention attendees.

 Finally, make sure you have enough printed materials to go around. A general rule of thumb is to print more than you need…because you’ll inevitably wind up needing more than you have. AlphaGraphics has state-of-the-art printers which enables us to print 1 or 1000’s of materials at a single time. This means no minimums and no more guessing!

 Just tell us how many you need and if the time comes when you need more, we’ll have your files stored in our computer. This way we can easily run a new job and have your printed materials ready for you to pick up, or we can ship directly to the conference.

 At AlphaGraphics, we bring the worlds of printing and marketing together in order to service our customers better. Give us a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll help you plan, design and print the perfect conference and convention materials!

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