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Whether you’re wrapping your windows with eye-catching designs or creating weather-resistant signage to inform potential customers, vinyl signs and graphics are prime advertising tools.

Adhesive vinyl has many great features and comes in a variety of colors. We can digitally print your custom graphics for virtually any application you can dream up!  

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For added impact, your vinyl signs can also be backlit or illuminated to increase their visibility. Or, you can choose from a variety of permanent or temporary adhesive vinyl to craft logoed stickers, window clings, wall decals, and more!


  • Floor decals
  • Storefront window and door wraps
  • Full or partial vehicle wraps
  • Window lettering
  • A-frame or sandwich board signs
  • Ready to apply (RTA) lettering and graphics
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Need help with design or implementation? AlphaGraphics can help you with every step of the process, from strategic development to delivery and installation of the finished product. Our advanced printing technologies deliver sharp, full-color images that will draw eyes from all directions.

Ready to put our vinyl sign solutions to work for your brand? Contact us today to get started!


Vinyl signs are one of the more cost-effective means of advertising your business or service. Done properly, they can transform a bland store window into an eye-catching display of information that will draw in customers and clients from near and far.


If you were to use acrylic material and a backlight, you can have a glass effect that will look amazing in any office or lobby. Best of all it will cost a fraction of what glass (including etching) would cost.


You can also put them on a vehicle. AlphaGraphics offers full and partial vehicle wraps which will help promote your business or event as the car is being driven down the street. Even when it’s parked (in a high traffic area, the car is advertising your brand or services for free.


Floor decals are great for warehouses or special events. They safely direct traffic and because they’re on the floor, the chances of them getting noticed are very high. You can opt for temporary signage or more permanent signage that can stand up to the weather and punishing UV rays of the sun.


Ready to Apply (RTA) lettering and graphics are also great for quick signage options. It is advised that you hire a professional to install the graphics. A professionally trained installer can prevent the vinyl from being damaged by little air bubbles that can occur if installed improperly. If you wish to remove the vinyl RTA lettering or graphics, please first contact the experts at AlphaGraphics Oceanside.  It is possible to damage the subsurface if removing the vinyl improperly.


AlphaGraphics can also help with delivery and installation of your vinyl lettering, graphic or sign. Our professional installers give you the peace of mind knowing that your sign will be installed right the first time around.


If you want to dress up your windows, but are leasing the office space, window clings are a great option. As their name states, these vinyl decals “cling” to your windows. They will neither damage, scratch nor mar the glass window.  Best of all, no sticky adhesive is left behind to clean up. Removal is very easy; just gently peel them back and they can be used again and again in different locations. If you want to clean them, simply use a damp rag and gently pick up any dirty or grime that might have accumulated over the months.


Storefont window and door wraps are two great ways to capture eyeballs as people walk by. The best part is that you won’t be damaging your windows or doors. Vinyl and the adhesive used will gently attach to the window or door surface and can be easily taken down after it has served its purpose. It will not scratch or damage any surface it adheres to.


If you’re looking to get vinyl signs and/or graphics designed or printed, give AlphaGraphics a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and we’ll work with you to create your ideal vinyl sign or graphic.

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