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Point visitors in the right direction with striking wayfinding signs of every variety imaginable. AlphaGraphics can help you show the way, with flair!

Directional signage makes navigating trade shows, city streets, business districts, and multi-level office buildings a breeze.

Whether you’re directing drivers to your location from the freeway or guiding guests through the halls of your medical practice, AlphaGraphics has the advanced tools and materials to make your space look welcoming and professional. 

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  • Design and copy services
  • Full color or black and white printing
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and fonts
  • Professional mounting
  • Custom finishes
  • UV and weather resistant materials


  • Foamcore
  • Ultraboard
  • Wood
  • Polystyrene
  • Aluminum
  • Dibond
  • PVC
  • Coroplast
  • Acrylic


  • Keep messaging concise, and visuals clear and consistent
  • Use an easy-to-read sans-serif typeface
  • Display only the necessities, remove clutter
  • Show useful information for the location, layout and navigation path of your space
  • Make it easy so viewers don’t have to think


We can help you create eye-catching visuals formatted to your specific purpose.

INFORMATIONAL SIGNS. Designed to help visitors determine and learn about their current location.

DIRECTIONAL SIGNS. Posted strategically throughout the area to help visitors find their destination.

IDENTIFICATION SIGNS. Nameplates and other signage that identify particular buildings, restrooms, offices and conference rooms.

WARNING SIGNS. Outline safety and regulatory information like a building's fire escape routes, no trespassing, or non-smoking areas.


Ready to get started creating high-quality wayfinding signage for your business?  Request a free estimate from the marketing team at AlphaGraphics today!


Sometimes the path from point A to point B isn’t as clear as it would seem. This is usually the case in such places as big buildings, concerts/venues, and even airports. What people need are wayfinding signs that will intelligently and clearly direct them so they can get to where they need to go.


Informational signs help your visitors locate exactly where they are. The signs need to be easy to read and easy to understand, otherwise you can wind up confusing them even more. AlphaGraphics has over 60 years of experience helping the local business community design and create wayfinding signs.


Once your visitors know where they are, directional signs will inform them how to get to where they need to go. If you don’t have good directional signage, then traffic flows can and will back up, which could lead to a negative experience and the lack of desire to return to your venue or business.


Identification signs let people know what’s what when they finally arrive at their destination. This includes nameplates and other signage that let people know which buildings are offices, conference rooms, restrooms and other important destinations.


Warning signs are sometimes required by law. At AlphaGraphics, we keep up on the various signage laws (ADA) that can help keep your business in compliance. Warning signs also serve the purpose of keeping your visitors safe and informed of potential dangerous hazards.


When it comes time to choosing the materials for your wayfinding sign you have a wide list of options. You can go with foamcore or Coroplast if you’re looking for something that is lightweight. Or if you’re looking for a more rustic type of look, then perhaps wood or aluminum will work. Dibond is a sign material that is made out of aluminum and plastic. It takes two factory-painted sheets of aluminum and bonds them permanently to a high density plastic core. The sign panel itself is sandwiched in between. The plastic core adds thickness, rigidity and body to the overall sign.


If you’re planning on designing your own wayfinding signs, you should ask the experts at AlphaGraphics for their opinions. If this is your first time designing the sign, you should ensure that you’re adhering to the basic design principles such as keeping the message short and concise. Use an easy-to-read typeface such as sans-serif. Most importantly, design the sign in such a way that you’re not making people think. It should take them less than a second to look at the sign and be able to understand exactly what it means and where they need to go.


Wayfinding signs are a great way to efficiently direct traffic in and around large areas. If you’re looking to get a sign designed, give us a call at 760-722-1485 or send us an email and one of our friendly experts will help you design or create the perfect wayfinding sign.


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