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3 Ways to Use Printing Services and Digital Services for Customer Retention and Reactivation

Printing Services and Digital Services

Whether you are starting a new business or rebranding, you will likely take a look at your marketing strategy for printing services and digital services. Creating an integrated marketing plan is the key to attracting new business. However, digital services and print marketing materials can complement one another by merging traditional and non-traditional marketing sectors.  Enhance your message by using consistent branding, and cross-channel promotions. Keep reading below to find the answer to customer retention and reactivation with print and digital materials.

Know Your Target Customer

Before spending a dime, ensure your efforts will be met with a response. If you are using printing services for putting out street flyers for more millennial followers on Instagram, you are likely to be unsuccessful. Paying for a sponsored post that will appear in their feed weekly is more likely to get a click to your page. If you are a local bar in a neighborhood with high foot traffic, outsourcing newsletters and flyers will attract customers.  However, don't forget the business cards.  Business cards are one of the best ways to represent your business and brand.  Digitally, the same materials should be included in your social media and email marketing plans. The Rule of Seven claims that a potential customer must hear your message seven times before taking action.  

Offer an Incentive for Digital Engagement

If your Yelp account is lacking activity, offer a 10% off code for a review. If you have a retail storefront, have business cards made stating the offer and have them sitting on your counter. The result is that customers will organically see them when they are in your store. Start to share the offer to your social media followers. As a result, there will be more followers to convert to customers. If you have a low follower account, influencer marketing is a strategy to consider. To reach your target customer find an influencer in your geographic location that has a desirable number of followers. Have that person share your offer on their social account and link it back to yours. Consequently, your Yelp reviews will skyrocket and new foot-traffic will boom.  

The Advantage of Ambiguous Advertising

Large format printing can grow your business quickly with billboards, backlight graphics, posters, stickers, custom die stickers, decals, labels and additional printing services. Traditional marketing has been put to the side in favor of digital marketing.   Therefore, new companies are showing you can do both as long as you create curiosity and the next step. Making your large print 90% visual and 10% informative captures your customer aesthetic and leads them to want more. Find a spot for a banner located at a prime exit on a freeway. In addition to banners, posters and stickers can be used too.  Showing off your best work and including your website and social handles will get in the minds of the traffic-attendees every day.  Above all, checking back on that Rule of Seven above, you are sure to have a new client by the end of the week.  

About AlphaGraphics Oceanside

AlphaGraphics Oceanside, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business, provides business cards, poster printing, printing services, stickers, marketing solutions.  In addition, we provide blue printing, banners, mailing services, direct mail, EDDM, graphic design, and sign services. From planning to design to implementation, the expert  team at AlphaGraphics Oceanside provides businesses customized marketing and print solutions. In conclusion, AlphaGraphics Oceanside is a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), Small Business Micro (SB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with the State of California.  You can find us at Veteran Owned Business website.  In addition, learn how AlphaGraphics Oceanside can help meet SB, SBE, DVBE, SDVOSB requirements at

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