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Exterior Temporary Signs

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Is your building entrance under renovation? Is your street under construction? Temporary signage can save your sales.

High-quality, temporary exterior signage can be used to promote a sale, trade show or conference. It turns heads with unique, full-color graphics bursting with enthusiasm.

Do it right the first time (and every time after that) by partnering with the AlphaGraphics team of marketing and printing experts to design contemporary visuals for every occasion.

Temporary Exterior Signs


  • Political campaigns
  • Commercial job sites
  • Real estate signs
  • Construction zones
  • Garage sales
  • Church events
  • Open houses
  • Event and directional signs
  • Store closings and sales
  • School events, parades, and sporting events
Temporary Exterior Signs

Our printing technology enables us to print crisp signs of virtually any size and shape, on nearly any material.


  • Acrylic
  • Foam core
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl, and more!
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Whether you want to drive your advertisements around on the side of your Mini Cooper, or fly a brightly colored flag in front of your building, we’ve got your exterior signage needs covered.

Contact the marketing and communications specialists at AlphaGraphics today to request a free quote for your next short or long-term sign project!



Temporary signs are the perfect solution for outdoor advertising, directional wayfinding, or anywhere you need to post information for a short period of time. They offer tremendous value and come in a wide variety of materials such as:


  • ·      Glass
  • ·      Foam Core
  • ·      Acrylic
  • ·      Wood
  • ·      Vinyl
  • ·      Aluminum

At AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, we’ve helped countless local businesses and organizations in the Greater D.C. area design and create the perfect exterior sign.


There are countless options when it comes to choosing the right exterior signage for your business or organization:

Are you a candidate for political office? While social media and online advertising are useful tools, don’t underestimate the power of a sign. Yard signs, outdoor banners, and full-color posters are a great way to let the people know that you’re running for office.


Is there construction going on near your location? Temporary signage will help inform people and passersby that you’re still open for business as well as providing them with directions or parking information. This can help limit the lost sales that sometimes occur when ongoing construction obstructs the view of your storefront.


Temporary window graphics are another great way to get your message out to the public. They adhere to any clean window surface and are easily removed without leaving a scratch or mark. You can put them in the windows of your storefront or turn your company vehicle into a rolling billboard by placing them in your windows.


Vehicle magnets are a cost-effective alternative to a full vehicle wrap. You can have them printed in vivid, full-color, or black and white. They will securely stick to the side of your car, truck, or van. When it’s time to remove them, simply peel them back—they won’t leave a residue or harm the paint job on your vehicle.


If you’re a contractor or run a construction company, you’re well-aware of the safety considerations for your workers, contractors, and the general public. Temporary exterior signage will help add an additional layer of safety. They are very versatile and can be installed in any number of ways, including mounting into a wall, on a signpost, or suspended in the air via a cable system.


Regulatory signage will help keep your construction company in compliance with the various local and state laws.

If you need temporary exterior signs for your business or organization, give the sign experts at AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington a call. Our friendly staff and expert designers will help you create the perfect sign that will last for a very long while.


Contact us today at (703) 549-2432 or email us at to learn more about the exterior temporary signage services that AlphaGraphics in Alexandria and Arlington offers!


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