Backlit Graphics

In a marketplace with branding as far as the eye can see, backlit graphics add dimension and visual interest to static advertising, showcasing your business by day, and glowing like a beacon at night.

Whether indoors or out, the marketing experts at AlphaGraphics can help you design remarkable backlit photos, posters, and building signs that not only elevate interest in your brand but inspire people to do business with you.

Vivid backlit signage & graphics get noticed

Backlit graphics, or translucent signs illuminated from behind with a light source, are a sensational way to promote your organization’s name, logo and product offerings. AlphaGraphics offers durable, eye-catching signs that will shine day and night!

Our backlit signage options

Backlit signage requires two basic elements: a light box and a printed graphic.

The three main types of lightboxes are:

Fluorescent Graphics are evenly lit by standard fluorescent tubes

LED Intensely bright but energy-efficient. Require adequate diffusion to evenly spread light

Edge-lit LED Popular for retail graphics, these inexpensive light boxes house lights evenly spaced around the frame

Backlit Graphics Design In Alexandria, VA

In a world full of advertisements, it can be hard to get your product to stand out above the crowd. However, a backlit advertisement might just be the thing you are looking for to help your product shine. A backlit graphic will add dimension to your marketing material and will really showcase your business or product to the world. Our backlit graphics design solution in Alexandria, VA, is just the thing you need to give a boost to your marketing material!

Backlit Signage Options

A backlit sign utilizes a lightbox that lights up your add from behind to give it a real pop. It is a wonderful way to get your product, company name, or logo out into the public eye. We will not only help you choose the best graphic for your backlit sign but we will also help you choose the right lightbox for you. Here are the lightbox options for your sign:

  • LED - This option is both bright and energy efficient.E
  • dge-LIT LED - This one is very popular for these kinds of graphics and are a great inexpensive option
  • Fluorescent - This lightbox evenly distributes the light with standard fluorescent tubes
  • Whatever option is right for you, our professionals will help you find it!


Our trained marketing team will work with you to find the ideal material and lightbox for your sign. At AlphaGraphics, our marketing experts can set you up with a prepared template for your backlit sign or can work directly with you for a custom design and lettering. We want this backlit sign to match the creative vision of your business. We are ready to work with you to create the unique backlit design for your product!

Don’t forget that AlphaGraphics in Alexandria, VA, is home to marketing professionals who can help you with backlit graphic design, as well as your other design and marketing needs. Call us today at (703) 549-2432 or visit our website to get a quote to get the ball rolling and kick your marketing into overdrive!

Backlit Graphics Design in Alexandria, VA

Backlit graphics offer a wide range of benefits, such as vivid graphics, images, or videos
that will mesmerize and command the attention of people passing by. Other benefits

Branding—increase brand recognition by adding your branding logo, colors, name, and
contact information. Don’t forget to add a QR code or pURL, which will allow people to
pull out their cell phones and instantly be taken to a landing page of your choosing.

Promotions—backlit signs command attention from anyone who passes by. It’s almost
impossible to miss the brightly lit sign. You can run a wide range of promotions with
customized messages.

Style—stand out from your competitors—a backlit sign creates dimension and depth as
you literally shine a light on this essential information you’re trying to convey.

Save Time & Money—some backlit signs will allow you to switch out the graphics
whenever you feel like it. This will allow you to quickly get a new message out without
having to order a brand-new sign.

Backlit Signs FAQ

Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about backlit signs.

Do I need to hire an electrician to install my backlit sign?
Depending on the type of backlit sign and your preferred installation location, you may
need to hire an electrician for help.

What kind of maintenance does a backlit sign require?
The answer to this question depends on many factors. Generally speaking, outdoor
signs require more maintenance than indoor ones. You’ll also want to monitor the
fluorescent or LED bulb every so often to make sure that it’s working.

How long will my backlit sign last?
Generally speaking, LED lights tend to last longer than fluorescent ones. Provided that
you perform regular maintenance, your new backlit sign from AlphaGraphics of
Alexandria and Arlington should last for a very long time!

Backlit Sign Design Help in Alexandria and Arlington V.A.

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