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With AlphaGraphics, rely on local delivery, installation, and expertise to help your restaurant stand out with our tailored signs solutions. 

Local support is your recipe for success. With AlphaGraphics, rely on local delivery, installation, and expertise to help your restaurant stand out with our tailored signs solutions. Our custom restaurant options include:

  • Engage customers and promote products with eye-catching menu boards, capturing attention and driving sales. 
  • Make a statement with vibrant vinyl banners that attract foot traffic and create a buzz around your restaurant. 
  • Transform your windows into powerful marketing tools with custom window graphics that showcase your brand and entice passersby. 
  • Enhance your restaurant's ambiance and atmosphere with stunning wall graphics that reflect your brand's personality and style.
  • Capture curbside appeal and promote special promotions and events like your new brunch offerings or happy hour with A-frame signs

You want to give your guests a memorable experience from start to finish so they can’t wait to tell their friends, right? A professionally printed menu not only sets you apart from your competitors, but conveys a lasting impression of quality and service. These associations carry over to your brand —helping you create trusting relationships with your customers

Top Restaurant Products

Menu Boards

Your restaurant’s design aesthetic says a lot about your taste. Invite customers to engage with your brand at every step of the dining experience, starting with the menu boards. Organize the boards to entice diners toward certain items, boosting your sales. High-quality menu boards from durable materials like wood or metal can elevate the dining experience and reinforce your brand image.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners and signs attract foot traffic from outside your restaurant and can promote specials or new items within. Let your marketing reflect the quality of your dishes. Display your tastiest dishes in high resolution when you choose vinyl banner printing. Vinyl is a durable, weather-resistant material perfect for indoor or outdoor use, ensuring your promotions remain vibrant and eye-catching.

Window Graphics

Your windows can be powerful marketing tools. Attract passersby with custom window graphics showcasing your brand and its offerings. Eye-catching graphics could be the deciding factor between your restaurant and the one next door. High-quality vinyl window graphics resist fading and peeling, maintaining a professional look.

Wall Graphics

Take advantage of blank space to drive your branding home. Your walls are the perfect canvas to showcase your unique style and differentiate from competitors. Call out your fresh ingredients in words or tell your restaurant’s story in illustrations with wall graphics. Digitally printed wall graphics offer limitless design possibilities and can transform bland walls into immersive brand experiences.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are a restaurant staple. This classic tactic captures curbside appeal, promotes your most enticing offerings and events, shares critical information, and lets passersby know what your brand stands for using your brand voice. Sturdy A-Frame signs made from aluminum or plastic can withstand outdoor elements.

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Just like your food, your marketing materials should reflect excellence. Partner with AlphaGraphics and we’ll help you develop a personalized marketing solution for your restaurant.  With consistent design, messaging and theme, our team can help you develop cohesive marketing materials that support your brand. We can even pack and ship them from any of our convenient business centers.

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Strategic Menu Design In Alexandria And Arlington

Restaurant menus are more than just a list of different foods you serve. They are the most powerful in-house marketing tool a restaurant can use. With the right design and placement of dishes, you can actually guide customers to choose the items you make the largest profit from. At AlphaGraphics in Alexandria, we know how to design your menus in the best possible way.

Choose one of the many templates we offer or let us custom design a template specifically for you. With the help of the team at the AlphaGraphics of Alexandria, it becomes easier to change your menus, when necessary, and get the inserts you need for seasonal dishes. Our team consists of both marketing and design professionals giving you the right balance for your menus and other printed materials. We can help you set up a full marketing campaign or just print menus for you.

When you stop by AlphaGraphics of Alexandria, you will work with only the most professional staff members who will guide you through the entire process, from choosing colors to placement of different dishes and menu items. Our team can make recommendations and our only goal is helping you to grow your business. Whether you already know what you want or you need help deciding, we are ready to assist you. If you want the best out of your menus and other printing needs, contact our team of experts today.

Its More Than Just A Menu

Scientific studies have shown, with the right menu design, you can increase profits and plan your inventory better. Of course, you need an aesthetically pleasing menu, but it should also help you sell the best and most profitable items on your menu. With our custom design options, you will be able to properly communicate the right message to every guest dining in your establishment. Our team will help you with:

  • Choosing a custom design to match the image of your restaurant
  • Printing of menus, table tents, shelf talkers and other promotional items
  • Drink and dessert menus
  • Point-of-purchase materials
  • Direct mail marketing
  • And More


AlphaGraphics of Alexandria works with several local restaurants in Old Town Alexandria and Arlington, VA. They say their biggest concern in printing menus is durability. Make sure your restaurant's menus can stand up to water damage and the typical wear and tear of passing through customer hands.

There are several possibilities to ensure you are getting meus that protect your brand and will last. Giving your peace of mind knowing your


Coat your menu in a plastic shield defending against spills, condensation, and the typical wear and tear from customers.


Similar to laminate, uv coated projects are dipped in a polymer resin which hardens by UV light. This resin acts similarly to plastic, adding durability to your menus.


For menus that are nearly indestructable, print directly on a plastic or poly surface that is 100% waterproof and tear-resistant.

Large laminated menus for the Fish Market Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria

We Know Restaurant Marketing In Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria is chalk-full of restaurants. AlphaGraphics of Alexandria has the expertise to get your restaurant to stand out in the crowd. From strategic menu design, to mailing and marketing campaigns, we'll get your food business in front of the largest customer-base possible.

Our restaurant marketing solutions go beyond just strategic menu design. We'll get your business in front of the largest customer-base possible with our strategic marketing solutions below.

Why Choose AlphaGraphics?

Not only can we help with all your menu printing, but we can also help with all your other restaurant printing needs. If its flyers to promote an event, a direct mail campaign to announce your grand opening, banners to promote specials or any other type of printing, our professional marketing team can design the perfect materials for your needs. From table tents to signs to large posters, we provide all the printing services you need.

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