Yard & Site Signs

Kick off your project and sales right with yard and site signs that tell current and future customers what is happening.

Initiate your marketing message with yard & site signs!

Kick off your project and sales right with yard and site signs that tell current and future customers what is happening. 

The marketing and communications team at AlphaGraphics know signs front, back, and upside down. Large format, backlit, magnetic or wood mounted. We do it all! We can help you maximize your ROI with integrated marketing solutions.

Using signs for lead generation

Why not use your business lot or construction site to grab more leads? Posting a vibrant, branded yard sign with your contact details, a construction update, QR code, or a website URL is a fantastic way to begin and continue a conversation with a passersby. The great thing is, ours is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The AlphaGraphics sign experts can customize the perfect signs for your objectives; whatever size, shape, material, or quirky location you can dream up, we’ll make you look good!

Our yard and site sign options include:

  • A-frames
  • Commercial real estate signs
  • Directional signage
  • Post & panel
  • Real estate signs

Large format printing options

Our printing technology enables us to print crisp, weather and UV-resistant signs on nearly any material.

Some common materials include:
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl

Alexandria Outdoor Yard Sign Project

The Covid-19 outbreak has not only changed the way that we work but also how we connect and celebrate with others. AlphaGraphics has found that custom Yard Signs are cost effective, easy to install, and are a great way to reconnect with the community. These custom signs are a great way to boost morale and encourage others to share their own positive and uplifting messages.

We offer both temporary and permanent signage. If you need a long-lasting monument or pylon sign to help visitors find you in a sea of office buildings, we’ll work with you to craft it. Or, maybe you’re looking for a temporary solution to attract new tenants or drive business to a semi-annual promotion. Whatever … however … trust your signage needs to us.

Set up a free strategic consultation today to see just how easy it is to create sophisticated, quality signage with AlphaGraphics on your team.

Yard And Site Signs In Alexandria And Arlington

Have you ever driven by one of those handwritten outdoor signs advertising a car for sale or asking for help finding a missing puppy only to find that the phone number or other contact information had been washed away by the rain? Nothing’s worse than a sign that can’t stand up to the weather, especially when the message is truly important.

This is where the sign experts at your Alexandria, VA AlphaGraphics can help. Whether you’re putting up a For Sale sign in the front yard or an informational “Coming Soon” sign at your building site, you won’t want to trust that valuable communication to just anyone. We have the technology and the materials to create vibrant, long lasting signage that won’t fade in the sun or run in the rain.

A Sign For All Seasons

We can create the perfect outdoor signage solution for your yard, construction site or local telephone pole that will stand up to whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at them. Our high-tech printing equipment can put your sign on a wide range of durable materials including:

  • Vinyl
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Aluminum

Raise Awareness

Yard signs aren't just for political campaigns. Spread your message and vocalize your support, or opposition, with yard signs. Whether your represent a national issue or need local community support, great signs get your message out there, quickly and easily.


Announce A Sale

Selling a house or car doesn't have to leave a big hole in your yard. Folding signs can easily be placed and removed, while still offering the sturdiness and durability of a staked yard sign.

Ask us about the different materials available for folding signs from light PVC, to durable wood, AlphaGraphics of Alexandria is sure to have exactly what you need to make your big announcement withstand the Washington DC weather.

Client Project: Founders Park

The Founder Park Community Association was formed to support a local park near Alphagraphics. They organize monthly park clean-ups and social events so people get to know one another and even have an annual Block Party!

All to help Founders Park stay clean and welcoming to all. 
They needed yard signs to advertise their Saturday get-togethers, so they turned to Alphagraphics. We produced 10, 18 x 24", two-sided signs with H stakes. We turned the project around on time and met the customer's deadline. 

Yard and Site Signs in Alexandria and Arlington

                           There’s no better way to promote your event, yard sale, or real estate open house than
                           with a yard or site sign from AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington.

                           They offer a tremendous ROI and look way more professional than your typical
                           homemade cardboard sign. Best of all, there are a wide variety of formats, such as
                           - Backlit
                           - Magnetic
                           - Large format

                           Our state-of-the-art printers allow us to add a wide variety of finishes, such as UV and
                           weather-resistant inks on almost any material

                           - PVC
                           - Wood
                           - Coroplast (corrugated plastic)
                           - Vinyl
                           - Aluminum

                           The benefits don’t stop there! You can use yard and site signs for lead generation. Add
                           a QR code so that people can visit your website to fill out a contact form or use a pURL
                           to direct them to a targeted landing page.

                    Yard and Site Sign Design Tips

                           Let the AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington experts help you design and print
                           your next yard or site sign. If, however, you prefer to take the design into your own
                           hands, here are some valuable tips that will allow your sign to make a considerable

                        Letter Height

                           It’s essential to consider the height of your lettering—if it’s too small, the text will be
                           impossible to read from any appreciable distance. Try to use as few words as possible
                           and keep your lettering as big as possible. This will allow for maximum viewing

                        Color Scheme

                           Choose your colors wisely. Some colors do not mix well from a visual standpoint, and
                           others are impossible to read when used together. A free color wheel tool can help you
                           make a more informed decision when it comes time to select which colors you’ll use.


                           White space is the empty space around the elements of your design. Use it wisely as a
                           sign with little to no whitespace is often hard to read and can look cluttered.

                        Amount of Text

                           People are used to glancing at a sign and understanding the meaning or message in a
                           fraction of a second—without having to stop and read it. Therefore, try to use as little
                            text as possible to make your sign that much more effective and easier to read.

                           Contact us today at (703) 549-2432 or email us at US635@alphagraphics.com
                           to learn more about the yard and site sign design and printing services that
                           AlphaGraphics in Alexandria and Arlington offers!

Simple Or Stunning, We Can Handle It

So don't let anyone but your Alexandria, VA AlphaGraphics create your next outdoor sign that will not only be durabel, but economical as well. To get started, just give us a call at (703) 549-2432 or request a free online quote and soon you'll have a sign that you can be proud of (and one that will last)!

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