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Frosted or Imaged Glass

Add warmth and elegance to your interior or exterior windows with customized frosted or imaged glass.

Privacy, elegance, warmth: Frosted Glass achieves them all

Add warmth and elegance to your interior or exterior windows with customized frosted or imaged glass. AlphaGraphics will work with you to craft standout designs that complement and enrich your existing décor.

Frosted or imaged glass is a classic way to dress up your business’s surfaces while adding style and ambiance to any location. Our marketing team can help you impress clients and potential customers with targeted full-color or white and clear designs, logos, and advertising on your storefront windows and doors.

Or, use frosted glass to enhance privacy in sensitive areas without blocking natural light with heavy blinds or curtains.

Need versatility?

Our removable frosted films allow you to add seasonal or transitional information to your windows without permanently altering them.

Create changable signage for:
  • Promotions
  • Store events
  • Holidays
  • Trade shows or conferences
  • Cross-media marketing campaigns


Add an element of privacy to transparent glass in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Medical offices
  • Entryways
  • Conference rooms
  • Storefronts


Create decorative patterns or branding on:

  • Glass doors
  • Mirrors
  • Interior or exterior windows
  • Glass cabinets


Place frosted way-finding signage or business directories directly on lobby or conference room windows.

Create unique menus and messaging on restaurant windows and interior glass.

Types of frosted glass:

Acid etched glass allows for complex, intricate patterns to be etched into the surface while leaving other areas transparent.

Sandblasted glass has a uniform opaque appearance, due to the even roughening of clear sheet glass. This process allows the window to still admit light while blurring visibility.

Adhesive vinyl decals can be used to create any combination of full-color and clear glass images surrounded by opaque vinyl, mimicking the frosted glass effect without permanently altering the surface.

Advantages of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a popular type of glass. The goal of it is to create an artsy and decorative glass through which light can diffuse, and people can have
partial visibility. Here are the top 5 advantages of frosted glass. 

Privacy is one of the most important benefits of frosted glass. It has a cloudy appearance which means the accessibility to people outside is limited.
They are likely to see that someone is inside, but they won't be able to figure out what they are doing and what's happening on the other side of the door.
Therefore, if you want privacy in which passersby cannot peep into your space, you should consider using frosted glass.  

Minimize Unwanted Views
If your business is located on a street that is quite busy and has a lot of people passing by the building, there is a high chance that you will face distractions
due to unwanted views. 
This kind of lack of privacy is detrimental not only to the customers but also to the employees, as they might be disturbed by strangers looking inside.
However, if you choose to use frosted glass in your business, you can avoid this issue to a great extent. It will provide you and your workers with a modicum of
privacy. In fact, you can also use this type of glass for households to ensure maximum safety and privacy. 

Reduce Glare
Reducing the amount of glare entering your office is a great way of ensuring a significant amount of light is entering without creating a ton of blinding glare.
Therefore, if you want to soak in natural light without having the adverse effects of excessive glaring, you should consider installing frosted glass. 

Thermal Insulation
Generally speaking, frosted glass has two layers. An extra panel of tempered glass is installed to ensure the frosted surface remains protected from damage.
Therefore, frosted glass provides natural thermal insulation between the layers. 

There is a wide range of options available in frosted glass in terms of the design, style, and color of the glass. If you want to improve the overall aesthetics of
your office through frosted glass, you can select a suitable design with the help of experts and put it in unique patterns. 
Frosted glass has many different benefits for both businesses as well residential properties. You should definitely get frosted glass on your property to enjoy
these benefits.

Frosted Glass Frequently Asked (FAQ)

If you are unsure whether the frosted glass is right for your business, you are in the perfect place. We’ll answer all of your
burning questions about frosted glass and more! 
Let’s start with some basics. 
What is Frosted Glass?
Frosted glass is an opaque or semi-opaque material. It allows only a limited amount of light to pass through but keeps the
inside and outside view completely vague. As the name suggests, frosted glass has a frosty or cloudy appearance. 
What is the Importance of Frosted Glass?
One of the most important reasons for using frosted glass in your business or office is to ensure privacy. The frosty appearance
will prevent anyone from seeing into your windows or private areas such as offices or conference rooms. Some business owners
also use frosty glass to enhance the overall aesthetics of the office as well. 
Where Can I Use Frosted Glass?
You can use frosted glass in many different places. It all depends on your office, lease, and the goals you wish to achieve through
your design. Generally speaking, offices and conference rooms are considered ideal for frosted glass. 
Frosted glass windows completely eliminate the need to install blinds or curtains. This can not only help save money but also prevent
your office from heating up during the hot morning or afternoon sun.
Other than the conference room and individual offices, it is also possible to use frosted glass in other areas such as the front reception
desk, exterior windows, or internal glass partitions. Ultimately, installing frosted glass will help you achieve a clean, professional, and
minimalistic style for your business.
Even if you think that you don't need frosty glass, you can always use it to accentuate the overall interior design. AlphaGraphics of
Alexandria and Arlington can help you create customized frosty glass for cabinet doors, closet door panels, and many other design
Who Should Install Frosted Glass?
It is important to rely on professional, experienced, and well-trained experts to install frosted glass windows. Relying on professional
services becomes even more critical when you require customization services. 
If you don't know any contractors, you should ask for references from friends, family, or online forums. Generally, finding a reliable
frosted glass contractor should not be a challenge, as you can find the necessary information from a few Google searches as well. 
Frosted Glass in Alexandria and Arlington V.A.
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