Kiosk Displays

Whether you’re providing relevant information to customers via a retail display, or marketing your brand at a trade show, kiosks are a versatile way to interact with your customers.

Kiosks for directions, multi-media, interaction & more

Made from a variety of sturdy, adaptable materials, kiosk display solutions from AlphaGraphics are a streamlined way to position your brand front and center while keeping your business's valuable marketing materials organized.

Give customers what they are looking for

The consumers of today want accurate, real-time facts about products and services before they make purchasing decisions. Many consumers rely on mobile devices to find information in-store or at events—but is there a better way? What if you could provide a visceral, informative experience for customers, on-site, without any risk of losing them to the online marketplace? A kiosk display might be the perfect fit for your business.

Kiosks deliver

Kiosks provide a multi-media experience for users through tablets, TVs, or computer screens. They also allow multiple display options like poster or sign holders and literature pockets. Kiosks create an interactive workspace for employees as well as a virtual product information brochure for customers.

Kiosk Options

Our kiosk assemblies are appealingly, modern, and extremely versatile. We can help you design the ideal setup for your space, objectives, and budget.

Consider adding:

  • Uprights
  • Shelves
  • Pocket arms
  • Graphics
  • Video brackets
  • Backlighting
  • Swiveling iPad holders

Consider a kiosk for:

  • Streamlining employee application processes
  • Patient self-service
  • Running educational programs (at museums, schools or trade shows)
  • Reservations and ticketing (for movies, hotels or events)
  • Product and service demonstrations
  • Data collection through surveys

Kiosk Displays: A Versatile Solution for Your Business
In today's fast-paced business environment, companies must find innovative ways to engage with customers. Kiosk displays have emerged as a versatile solution for businesses looking to provide interactive and engaging customer experiences.
A kiosk display is a self-contained computer terminal used to display information or perform a specific task. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be used in various settings, including retail stores, museums, trade shows, and airports. They can be customized to match a company's branding and designed to suit various applications.
One of the biggest advantages of kiosk displays is their versatility. They can do everything from providing information to customers to serving as point-of-sale terminals. In a retail setting, you can use kiosks to showcase products, provide product information, and even enable customers to place orders. 
In a museum setting, kiosks can display interactive exhibits and give visitors an immersive experience. In a trade show, kiosks can collect customer information, conduct surveys, and showcase new products.
Kiosk displays are also an excellent way to engage with customers. They can provide an interactive experience with touchscreens, sound effects, and animation. This makes the experience more engaging for customers and helps keep them in the store or at the event for more extended periods.
Another advantage of kiosk displays is that they are highly customizable. They can be designed to match a company's branding and programmed to perform various functions. This makes them a flexible solution for businesses looking to provide a tailored experience for their customers.
In addition to their versatility and customization, kiosk displays are highly cost-effective. They require less space than traditional display methods, such as posters and signs, and can be updated quickly and easily. This means businesses can save money on printing and updating costs while providing a more engaging and interactive experience for their customers.
Kiosk Display Design and Creation in Alexandria and Arlington V.A.
At AlphaGraphics, we offer a wide range of kiosk display solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts can work with you to design and develop a kiosk display tailored to your specific needs and provide an engaging and interactive experience for your customers.
Let the experts at AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington help you create the perfect kiosk display to interact better and engage your customers. Contact us today at (703) 549-2432 or email us at to learn more!

Kiosk Displays in Alexandria, VA

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your booth at the trade show or provide people with a better customer experience?  At
AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, we can create a custom kiosk that will add value and help promote your products or services.

Kiosks have come a long way from the boring analog displays of just a few short decades ago. Thanks to the internet and a vivid touchscreen
display, the modern kiosk can help improve the customer experience tenfold. There are a wide range of benefits a modern digital kiosk can offer
your business, such as:

Improving Sales — Imagine a kiosk at the front of your store where people can get coupons, log into their rewards account, or learn more about
the current sales. Interacting with a kiosk can persuade people to spend more money or purchase items they may not have realized they need.

Happier Employees —. Strategically placed kiosks can also provide wayfinding directions and free up employees to perform other tasks. In short,
a kiosk will help eliminate mundane and boring tasks—and that can lead to a significant improvement in employee morale.

Real-Time Communication — Quickly change the text or content on your kiosk display with a few clicks of the mouse. Best of all, you can do this
without ever having to leave your office. The kiosk can also display updated information thanks to its connection to the internet. 

Happier Customers — People nowadays don’t want to deal with tracking down a store employee—or waiting for them to finish helping someone else.
A kiosk will allow them to quickly find what they need in a matter of seconds without having to wait for human assistance.

Improved Bottom Line — Many corporations, such as McDonald’s, are using kiosks to replace the cashiers. Unlike an employee working the proverbial
till, your kiosk doesn’t need a break, nor do you have to provide it with a weekly paycheck. Best of all, you can rest assured knowing that the money
taken in at the end of the day will match the receipts exactly. 

Of course, the older, non-digital styles of kiosks still have their place in this day and age. For example, you can use them to create a freestanding
display that will promote your products or services—or you can use them in conjunction with an umbrella, which will allow your employees to work
outside and take curbside orders.

Contact us today at (703) 549-2432 or email us at to learn more about the kiosk design and creation services
that AlphaGraphics in Alexandria and Arlington offers!

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