Interior Dimensional Graphics

AlphaGraphics offers an array of dimensional graphics that will make your message literally jump off the walls.

Dimensional graphics are off-the-wall!

Want to take your wall graphics one step further? What’s more attention-grabbing than 3D effects? AlphaGraphics offers an array of dimensional graphics that will make your message literally jump off the walls.

Add a wow-factor to your distinctive wall pieces by combining vibrant colors, dimensions, and textures that pop. The marketing professionals at AlphaGraphics can help you design one-of-a-kind dimensional graphics to draw eyes and revenue to your business space.

Unique dimensional options

We offer unique dimensional options and can bring new ideas to the table.

You use signage, décor, and wall art to introduce your brand to newcomers and solidify relationships with current customers. Investing in quality, high-impact visuals is incredibly important to the overall look and feel of your business.

Dimensional sign options

  • Suspended or mounted graphics
  • Images printed directly on virtually any flat surface or material
  • Layered graphics or logos that create a tiered or 3D effect
  • Designs and die-cut vinyl mounted on wood, metal, glass and more

Dimensional sign ideas

  • Canvas artwork in your waiting area and hallways
  • Unique dimensional menus or wayfinding signage
  • Die cut lettering or graphics made from:
    • Wood
    • Foam
    • Plastic
    • Metal

So go ahead, get in touch with the marketing and communications experts at AlphaGraphics today. We’ll help you build a strategy for your interior design that will set you apart (in a good way!) from the competition.


Interior dimensional graphics, or 3D signs as they’re more commonly referred to, are a great way to add that “WOW” factor to any wall they grace.

They’re incredibly versatile, and the only design limit is your imagination. For example, if you run an international company, having a 3D world map that hangs in your conference room will look amazing. Or you could have your company brand turned into a sign that hangs right over the desk of the office receptionist.

There are a wide variety of unique materials that you can choose from:

Metal – Metal signs work great both indoors and out. You can have them constructed out of heavy steel or lightweight aluminum. If your design calls for paint, AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington can use UV-resistant inks that will stand up to the hard UV rays of the sun.

Foam – Foam is very lightweight and costs but a fraction of wood, glass, or metal. If you’re looking for a very durable sign that’s constructed out of metal; you can use foam as the internal core and then plate the outsides with metal. This helps cut down from the weight of a solid metal sign.

Plastic – Plastic is another durable material that works both indoors and outdoors. It’s lighter than wood, glass, and metal. Due to recent advances in technology, we can create 3D plastic lettering and designs that look just as sharp as ones created out of metal or glass.

Wood – Wood provides a more rustic look and feel to any 3D sign. It offers a level of sophistication and textures that other materials can’t come close to replicating. We can also treat the wood sign so that it can stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at it.

AlphaGraphics can custom create any type of 3D sign you imagine. We can also help you with the brainstorming, design, and even installation process. We’ll help you create the perfect 3D sign that will last for a long while.

Businesses in the local area have trusted AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington as their printing and marketing partner. Put our decades of experience to work as we help you create the perfect 3D interior dimensional graphics sign!

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