Custom calendars are still a relevant method for ensuring your business stays front and center with clients and potential customers. The utility of printed calendars is undeniable—many busy individuals and businesses still use wall or desk calendars as their primary daily calendars.

Custom calendar design and printing made easy

Custom wall and desk calendars offer year-round marketing of your business in a neat, highly-useful package. Distribute your custom calendars at trade shows and conferences. Offer them near the register at retail locations, or mail them in your multi-media marketing campaigns. However you circulate them, partner with AlphaGraphics marketing professionals for high-quality, high-value printed materials every time.

Organized & up-to-date

Help visitors and clients stay organized, track appointments and special events, and check dates with an attractive full-color branded calendar. Craft the perfect solution:

  • Choose wall, pocket, or desk formats
  • Make it personal with variable data 
  • Incorporate photos, brand messaging, and graphics
  • Create an original design or use our unique templates
  • Take advantage of our dry erase options

Calendars have a multi-use appeal

The great thing about promotional calendars is their multi-use appeal: by providing clients with an organizational tool they’ll use every day, you’re placing your brand messaging in a prime viewing location for an entire year. Custom calendars allow you to add in a few unobtrusive reminders about special events and incentives offered by your organization.

Make More Impact

  • Incorporate important brand messages and logos
  • Use variable data fields to add client names right in the calendar graphics
  • Add QR codes, PURLs, coupons, and SMS short codes
  • Choose from an array of custom, heavy-duty paper stocks and finishes

Various Display Options

  • Hanging
  • Adhesive padding
  • Magnetic
  • Free-standing

Calendar Printing in Alexandria, VA

Are you looking for a way to give clients a friendly reminder about the services you provide or specials you may be running? Calendar
printing may just be the answer! At AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, we can create a custom calendar that allows you to do
just that and more.

With a calendar in hand and on display, your clients will effectively be reminded of your business every month of the year, so come in
today to get started on your custom calendar right away! Believe it or not, many people still use printed calendars in their work and daily

Digital calendars have one inherent flaw—you have to be logged online to view them. It’s much easier to glance at a paper calendar
hanging on the wall or placed upon a desk than it is to get out your phone, fumble around for the right app, click on it, and then view your
calendar on a tiny little screen.
When designing and creating a memorable calendar that your customers and clients will use, it’s essential to think outside of the
proverbial box. For example, anyone can walk into a dollar store and buy a bunch of calendars with cats, horses, and nature scenes.
Instead, consider unique ways to promote your company and branding. For example, you can find someone in your office who has the
latest smartphone. These phones tend to take excellent pictures that can easily be used on a calendar. Have that person walk around
your company and take photos of your employees doing their jobs or of your products. It will serve as a constant reminder to your clients
about your products and services.
Consider offering a unique coupon for each month. While you can create coupons that can be literally “clipped” with a pair of scissors,
it could potentially cause the person to destroy the calendar accidentally. Consider using a verbal coupon code—that is, when the person
places an order, have them recite the coupon code to the clerk. This way, the calendar stays intact and on the wall.
You have a wide range of display options as well. Choose from the traditional flat desk or wall calendar or opt for magnetic, adhesive, or a
free-standing one. Be sure to make the calendar big enough so that the person can write in the boxes. The more they use the calendar, the
more your branding will be imprinted in their minds.
If you’re looking to increase sales, drive new business, and create customers for life, consider having AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and
Arlington help you with your calendar branding and design.
Our team of marketing professionals will sit down and help you design and develop a calendar that will resonate with your core audience. 
Contact us today at (703) 549-2432 or email us at to learn more about the calendar printing services that
AlphaGraphics in Alexandria and Arlington offers!

Custom Calendars For Any Occasion

At AlphaGraphics, creating calendars is our specialty, and our team can design and print your custom calendar quickly and efficiently. Our high-quality calendars are perfect for any occasion and can be used as a marketing tool that customers can view year-round, or as a personalized gift for clients, family, and friends. We offer a wide variety of calendar printing options, regardless of what you are trying to accomplish.

Check Out What We Have To Offer:

  • Custom sizes, large and small
  • Unique templates or original designs
  • Incorporation of images, coupons, and QR codes
  • And more!

Accurate And Precise Printing

At AlphaGraphics, our advanced equipment enables us to print each project we work on in high quality no matter the size or volume. Our talented team will work with you every step of the way and to ensure your project turns out exactly as you imagined it!

Get Started Today

If you are ready to get started on your custom calendar give us a call today at (703) 549-2432 for more information. Or click here to request a free quote on pricing and packaging options.

Betsy Grady Calendar Project

Betsy Grady is a local Alexandria artist who paints 18 th and 19 th century homes in Old Town. For the past few years, she has been commissioned to paint homes for the Twig Historical Homes
Tour as a gift for the generous homeowners. These, together with her paintings of other local unique homes were then turned into an annual calendar.

Due to the pandemic, the Homes Tour was canceled for 2020. Undeterred, Betsy decided to create the 2021 calendar from her paintings of people, travel, and pets. She approached AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington to design the annual calendar.

Our expert graphic designer got to work and created a layout that complemented Betsy’s art. We printed up 1,000 calendars of her favorite oil and acrylic canvases. As you can see from the pictures below, the calendar looks great and showcases Betsy’s artistic interpretation of Alexandria.

Let us help you get started