Customer Retention & Reactivation

AlphaGraphics can help you maintain and renew business relationships through loyalty programs, incentive programs, promotional products, direct mail marketing, newsletters, and email marketing.

Re-energize your customer outreach

Keeping customers engaged and reintroducing your business to former clients is critical to staying profitable. Having a solid customer retention and reactivation strategy in place will ensure that no one slips through the cracks.

Our marketing team specializes in maintaining and renewing business relationships

The goal is simple—stay top-of-mind with your customers so there’s no question who to call when they have a need.

Acheiving this goal, requires consistent and relevant communications to your top customers, backed by a sound marketing strategy. By anticipating and regularly meeting their needs, clients will not only come back again and again, but they’ll tell all their friends!

Customer retention and re-activation services:

  • Loyalty and incentive programs
  • Promotional products for drawings or special events
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing

Tips to get clients back

  • Identify your target segment: How long ago did they buy?
  • Set your goals: Introduce them to new products or services, or encourage them to buy updates for previous purchases.
  • Know why they lapsed: Was it price, or lack of interest in your offerings?
  • Use what you know: Craft messages and content relevent to their interests.
  • Make it easy: Streamline reactivation processes.
  • Communicate on all fronts: Make the most of traditional and online platforms.

Customer Retention & Reactivation



How many non-repeat customers have your business had over the past five years?


What if you could push a button, and a percentage of those would instantly reactivate?
Customer retention and reactivation aren’t that easy—however—it is possible to reactivate them.
In fact, many studies over the years have found that the cost of landing a new client costs five times as much as it does to retain a current one.
There are many different ways to retain customers.


Direct Mail—Direct mail has never been hotter. It offers your business a physical and tangible way of reconnecting with previous customers.
Email Marketing—Another cost-effective way of reaching out to people for a fraction of what it would take to land a new customer or client.
Newsletters—Want proof that a printed newsletter still works? The Fearless Flyer from Trader Joe’s is sent out via snail mail to countless homes in the Alexandria and Arlington areas. The same goes for a wide variety of big-box businesses such as Sam’s Club and Costco.


The marketing channel you use to reach out to previous customers is just a part of the overall customer retention strategy. Before reaching out, you’ll need to identify which customers you want to target. Once you have that list in hand, you’ll need to set goals.

- How will you reach out to them?
- What will you say?
- Will kind of offer will you make (% off their next purchase within “X” number of days)?


Do you have a list that shows which exact products or purchases they made while they were an active customer? This might give you a clue about the kind or type of offer that will resonate best with them.
Having a mobile app created is a viable strategy that many businesses use to streamline the reactivation process. They’ll start off by sending a direct mailer or custom email with a link to download the app on the Android or Apple iOS store.
A QR code added to the direct mailer can make the reactivation process even easier—all the customer needs to do is point their cell phone camera at the QR code. They will be instantly taken to a webpage of your choice or the actual iOS Apple or Android app page to download the app.


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Reactivate Your Alexandria and Arlington VA Customers!

Customer retention and reactivation are two of the most important factors in maintaining a successful business. Keeping current customers happy and engaged is crucial for building brand loyalty, increasing repeat business, and ultimately, growing your customer base.
For businesses, direct marketing mail services are an effective way to reach out to current customers and keep them engaged. Direct mail provides a tangible connection between your business and your customers, making it a valuable tool for retaining and reactivating customers.
One of the key benefits of direct marketing mail services is the ability to target specific demographics. This allows businesses to tailor their message to specific customer groups and increase the relevance and impact of their message. Whether it’s by age, location, purchase history, or other factors, direct mail allows businesses to effectively reach the customers who are most likely to respond to their message.
Personalization is another important factor in customer retention and reactivation. By incorporating a customer’s name and other personal information into the direct mail piece, businesses can create a sense of connection and make their message feel more personal and relevant. This helps to increase the chances that customers will respond to the message and take action.
Another important factor to consider when using direct marketing mail services for customer retention and reactivation is timing. Timing is crucial for ensuring that your message is received at the right time and when it’s most likely to make an impact. This could be in response to a recent purchase, a change in customer behavior, or other factors indicating that the customer is receptive.
In addition to traditional direct mail, businesses can use digital tools like email marketing and social media to reach customers. This multi-channel approach can be highly effective for customer retention and reactivation, as it allows businesses to reach customers through various channels and increase the chances that their message will be seen and acted upon.
In conclusion, direct marketing mail services are an effective way to retain and reactivate customers. By targeting specific demographics, personalizing messages, and timing communications, businesses can increase the chances that their message will be well received and acted upon. Whether it’s through traditional direct mail or digital channels, a well-crafted direct marketing campaign can be an effective tool for building brand loyalty, increasing repeat business, and growing your customer base.
Customer Retention & Reactivation Services in Alexandria and Arlington V.A.
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