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Nothing grabs attention like a vivid, relevant display right where customers are waiting to check out. 

Whether it’s an intricate free-standing structure, a vibrant poster, or a series of eye-catching shelf tags, the professionals at AlphaGraphics can help you drive more sales during checkout.

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AlphaGraphics offers a variety of permanent and temporary point-of-sale display solutions.


  • Display packs
  • Shelf edging
  • Mobile units
  • Dummy packs
  • Counter displays
  • Display stands
  • Posters, signs, and banners

With our advanced full-color and black and white printing, your displays will be crisp and animated, with lively messaging and graphics that practically beg to be looked at.

Point of Purchase Display

Promoting new products, exciting offers, and special events are just a few fantastic reasons to employ a point of sale display. Strategically placed displays not only motivate consumers to take action, they capitalize on the natural urge to make an impulse buy before leaving a business.


What are you waiting for? Contact the team at AlphaGraphics today to put this indispensable marketing tool to work for your business!



It’s been said that customers make 70-75% of all purchase decisions as they walk around the store. This creates a massive opportunity for businesses to influence the buying decisions of shoppers through vivid and eye-catching point-of-sale displays.


When a customer walks into your store, they usually have a mindset of wanting to buy something. The point-of-purchase displays that you have throughout your store and by the checkout counter can significantly persuade them to buy something.


Point-of-sale displays aren’t just for stores and store owners—if you’re manufacturing or distributing a product that’s being sold in stores, a properly designed display can dramatically increase sales.


For example, let’s say that you sell candles, and they’re displayed near the checkout of a brick-and-mortar home goods store. If you display them in an otherwise plain cardboard display, they won’t sell very fast compared to showcasing them in a vivid and colorful display pack.


Many grocery stores are taking advantage of shelf edging—a hard-to-miss display that securely attaches to the shelves. They’re usually brightly colored, come in non-standard shapes, and often have flashing red LED lights that help attract as much attention as possible from passing shoppers. The design of the shelf edging display encourages people to take a coupon and purchase a product.


The checkout line is where many shoppers will make impulse buys—you should maximize the usage of every square foot of space in this area. You can increase sales through custom point-of-purchase display stands. They range in size from small chewing gum holders all the way up to custom stands, racks, and cases.


Point-of-purchase displays aren’t just for stores—if you have a booth at a trade show, you can use them to display literature or offer free samples. Some exhibitors will have custom 3D displays created that showcase their products and allow people to physically pick up and touch the item.


Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to point-of-purchase displays. You can opt for vivid full-color, black and white, or a highly customized sign or presentation that will drive more sales during checkout.


If you are looking to increase sales but aren’t sure how to go about doing it, consider a point of sale display for your store. At AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, our expert designers will sit down with you and brainstorm the perfect display that will attract more attention and persuade shoppers to open up their wallets.


Contact us today at (703) 549-2432 or email us at to learn more about the point of purchase signs that AlphaGraphics in Alexandria and Arlington offers!


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