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Should I Post to Instagram or Facebook? Why Not Both...At the Same Time?

  [embed]http://[/embed] We find many small businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to increase their brand presence online using social media but find it to be just another thing on the long list of to-dos. One quick tip you may not have known is that when you post to Instagram you can have it automatically post to Facebook as well. When you’re starting out with your social media presence there isn’t really any reason you shouldn’t post to both. You’re likely to reach slightly different audiences and the use of hashtags on Instagram can bring in a lot of new eyes. While Facebook supports hashtags they generally aren’t used to the same degree as on Instagram. Later down the road you may decide your audiences are different enough that they need Facebook or Instagram specific content, but in the beginning this is a fantastic way to maximize your time spent with no extra effort on your part. What have you found works best for your social media marketing efforts?

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