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How to Integrate Social Media and Printed Marketing Collateral

While printed marketing collateral and social media may seem different as night and day, they’re actually very similar—so much so that many businesses in Alexandria and Arlington are linking the two together and getting amazing results.


We want to show you five different ways that you can link up your social media accounts to your printed marketing materials to create a more cohesive brand experience across all channels, as well as increase the chances of landing new clients and customers.


Social Media and Print


When was the last time you reviewed your printed marketing materials? Business cardsbrochures, and even catalogs can become outdated as time goes by. By adding relevant links to your social media accounts on these materials, you’ll encourage potential customers and clients to visit you online—where you can continue the conversation.


The companies that benefit most from this are ones who give people a reason to join their social media networks. For example, you can let readers know that you offer free tips, advice, or recurring contests on your social media accounts. This will encourage them to like and join your Facebook or Instagram profiles.


Be Consistent in Your Messaging


Try to make sure that you’re sending the same overall message in your printing marketing materials as you are on your social media sites. Pay close attention to the messaging, tone of voice, and wording that you use. This helps create a more congruent branding experience, and that can lead to increased trust and decreased confusion. If you need help, you can always hire a social media marketing expert who will help you create and grow your audience. 


Take Social Media Offline


Have you recently received a positive comment or review on Facebook or other social media site? This is a prime marketing opportunity in disguise. Reach out to that person and ask their permission to use their statement and name on your printed marketing materials. 


You can add a line of customer testimonials to the back of a sell-sheet or brochure that will help increase reader trust. If you need help with the writing aspect, you can always turn to a professional copywriter to help create crisp, clean, and persuasive content for all of your printed marketing materials.


Direct Mail and Facebook


Running paid advertisements on Facebook can help you find and target new customers. The ad interface provides you with powerful tools to help you drill down and target a very specific group of people who share the same characteristics of your target customer. You can then segment these people into different groups for different marketing campaigns.


Facebook also has a feature called “social matching” wherein you can upload your direct mail mailing list, and they will then match your list to the Facebook accounts of everyone on there. You can then run a few paid ads that hint at “something big” that’s coming in their mailbox. This will help generate buzz, and there’s an excellent chance that the recipients of your direct mail campaign will pay close attention to the mailers.


Facebook in Reverse


Alternatively, after you’ve sent out a direct mail campaign, run a few paid Facebook ads to remind people on your mailing list to check their mailboxes for an important communication. This constant online reminder can help increase the open rates of your mailers.


To further their chances of seeing your paid advertisement, you can also engage in retargeting; wherein they will see the same ad no matter where they go on the internet. This helps keep your brand fresh in their minds—even when they’re not using Facebook.


Contact the Experts at AlphaGraphics


If you need help bridging the gap between your social media accounts and printed marketing materials, give the experts at AlphaGraphics of Alexandria Va. and Arlington Va. a call. 


We’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington businesses set up their social media campaigns and create the perfect printed marketing collateral. We can also provide you with expert advice on how to link the two for best chances of success.


Whether you need just a few items printed, or several thousand, our expert craftsmen and state-of-the-art printers can help. If you’d like to learn more about our design or event sign services, give us a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us on our website.

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