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Different Types of Banners in Alexandria and Arlington VA

While some Alexandria businesses have turned to digital signage to promote their  products and services, the vast majority still use banners as an economical way to  reach a large audience. Why? After all, digital signs are the latest thing and make for an impressive display. Banners turn heads too, but compared to custom digital LED signs, banners are less  expensive. They also require far less maintenance and don’t have the burden of  needed, expensive repairs if damaged. Banners come in many shapes, sizes, and formats—each with its own unique purpose.  Read on to learn more about the various types of banners you can use to help promote  your business, product, or service. What are Banners?  A “banner” is a catch-all term used to describe long strips of either cloth or vinyl with graphics and lettering on them. They come with a wide variety of mounting options,  such as hanging via grommets, heavy-duty 2-sided industrial tape or Velcro. The thickness, durability, and pliability can vary as well. There are a wide variety of  finishing options, including weather and UV-resistant inks and materials. When it comes  time to clean off the dirt and grime, they easily wipe down with a rag and lukewarm  water. Material  There are three different types of materials that you can use for your banner: Vinyl Banners—By far, vinyl banners are the most popular out of the three. They’re extremely durable and can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at them. You  can also easily use them indoors as well. Thanks to the rugged durability of vinyl,  they’re nearly impossible to tear. Fabric Banners—Fabric banners are often made out of satin or polyester. The very  nature of fabric provides for a unique look and feel, yet still allows for vivid images and  graphics to be printed on it. They’re machine washable and crease-resistant, which  adds value and longevity to their lifespan. Mesh Banners—Mesh banners have thousands of tiny little holes spaced close  together. This allows the wind to pass harmlessly through without causing the banner to  flutter in the wind. Mesh banners are often the go-to solution when a massive outdoor  banner is required. Many construction companies and contractors will use mesh  banners to obstruct the view of the job site while promoting their services through  images and print. Styles of Banners  There are many different styles of banners that you can choose from—each with its own  unique advantages and benefits: Pole Banners  Many cities use pole signs and banners to promote an event or holiday. For example,  some towns will request that citizens nominate local military soldiers to have their  pictures taken and then transferred to a pole banner. They’re then mounted on the street light poles throughout the city to show thanks for the  service of the soldiers. Other cities will have holiday-themed pole banners printed up to  help increase spirit and support local businesses. Standard Banner  The words “standard banner” are a bit of a misnomer as these types of banners can be  made in various lengths. They’re often rectangular in shape and can mount in all four  corners. Framed Banners  You can add a frame to almost any kind of standard banner. This provides a more  professional and permanent look and feel. It also helps cut down on fluttering from the  wind and wrinkles as the material is stretched flat and securely held in place. Step-and-Repeat Banners  A step-and-repeat banner offers a neutral backdrop for photographers to take pictures of  VIPs and other event guests. Instead of using a bland white wall, many event  coordinators will opt for a branded step-and-repeat banner that allows for the efficient  movement of people as they get their picture taken. Retractable Banners  Also known as rollup banners, they’re an easy way to display vivid, full-color images  and graphics that will attract the attention of anyone who walks or drives by. At the end of the day, they “roll up” into a sturdy metal canister and can easily fit in the back seat of  your vehicle. They’re ideal for temporary signage needs, such as trade shows and  limited-time sales for brick-and-mortar stores. Banners in Alexandria and Arlington  Banners are an ideal way to get your message out to a larger audience while at the  same time providing for a more professional look and feel. There are a wide variety of  materials and finishing options that will allow your banner to stand up to the elements and look as new as the day you installed it. If you’re ready to get started or would like to learn more about the real estate signage  and marketing services that we offer, give the professionals at AlphaGraphics  Alexandria and Arlington VA a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us via our website.

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