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Ideas to Help Build and Maintain Your Email Marketing List

The email list you use to market your products and services is like a bed of flowers. If not properly maintained, watered, and tended to, it will wilt and die over time. For example, perhaps you’re a B2B company. As the months go by, people on your email list will get fired, leave one company for another, or get promoted. If you’re not actively building and maintaining your email list, you’ll start to notice less-than-desired results. Read on to learn a few tips on how to manage and grow your email list.

Segment Your List

Segment your list into buyer personas. This will allow you to craft super relevant content that can significantly increase open rates and conversions. It will also decrease opt-out rates.

Revitalize an Old List

A great way to revitalize an old or stagnant email list is to send them an opt-in request and promise to remove them if they don’t respond. This will allow you to prune the list and salvage any good contacts before removing them.

Employee’s Signatures

Require all of your employees to have an email opt-in link in their email signature. This especially holds true for your sales department. If you’re not putting that opt-in link out there, you’re missing out on a vast number of potential subscribers.

Create a Free Tool

Another great way to increase your email subscriber list is to create a free tool. For example, pretend that you’re a plumber. Create a simple tool, such as a checklist for what to do when your toilet or sink gets clogged up. Before people are allowed to use it, require them to sign up with their email address.

Create Valuable Content

You have to give to receive—consider creating something of value, such as a troubleshooting guide or .pdf that people would be interested in downloading. Nowadays, many company websites run on WordPress. Countless free gated content plugins will allow you to require your website visitors to provide an email address before they can download the .pdf you created.

Add a Lead Capture Form to Your Website

Take a look at your website analytics and figure out which pages get the most traffic. Try adding a lead capture form to those pages—but keep it short. Ideally, ask for no more information than their name and email address as nobody wants to spend time filling out a website form.

Start Blogging

Create a list of relevant topics for your desired audience and either write a blog post yourself or hire a professional writer. In the call-to-action at the end of the blog post, have a small form that allows your readers to enter their email addresses. You might be surprised at how many people sign up after reading an informative blog post.

Include Testimonials on Landing Pages

Add a few customer testimonials to landing pages that request the reader’s email address. By adding this “social proof,” you’re creating a very persuasive element that can be the deciding factor in whether or not someone fills out the email form.

Find a Complementary Local Business

A great way to increase the size of your email list is to partner up with a local business that isn’t a direct competitor. For example, if you’re an electrician, reach out to a local HVAC company and offer to “exchange” email lists for one or two email blasts.

Collect In-Store Email Addresses

Get a tablet that runs Android or Windows and add an app that will allow you to digitally capture your customers’ email addresses. You can offer a 10% discount at checkout if the person enters their name and email address at the cashier. Many inexpensive tablet holders will allow you to attach the tablet to your checkout countertop securely. Alternatively, you can also use printed cards and give them to your employees to pass out during their shift.

Marketing List Help in Alexandria and Arlington

There are countless ways to build a good marketing list. At AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, our expert marketers can help your business with list generating ideas, or we can assist in the purchasing of lists as well. We’ve helped countless local Alexandria and Arlington businesses with their list building over the years. If you’d like to speak to a marketing expert about your business, give us a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us on our website.

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