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How to Hang a Banner

No matter how big or small, you can hang a banner in a wide variety of ways and on almost any surface, including poles, walls, ceilings, fences, and walls. Banners offer a cost-effective way of getting your message out to as many people as possible.

Read on to learn more about the various ways to securely hang a banner and ensure that it will stay in place for a very long time.

Grommets and Pole Pockets

Whether your banner includes grommets, pole pockets, or none of those will determine how you hang it. Grommets are metal rings that are put into a banner’s corners and edges to make it simpler to hang the banner.

Simply punching a hole in your banner would most likely cause it to rip when it is hung. When properly installed by a professional sign shop, such as AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington, grommets strengthen the hole and enable hanging without ripping. Pole pockets are used to hang from by slipping a rope through them and over a pole.

In addition to improving visibility, a properly fastened banner will guarantee that it lasts as long as it should. Additionally, it will prevent potential damage from happening. It becomes easier to understand how to hang a banner by categorizing the hanging techniques as follows:

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords work wonders for holding your banner taut while it’s being exhibited. Simply fasten one end of the cord into the grommet and the other to a suitable anchor point. Ensure that each bungee has enough tension to draw the banner uniformly over its surface.

Hanging Clips

Grommets allow hanging clips, also known as carabiners, to be readily attached to anchor points or other objects. Permanent and temporary displays may both be made using carabiners. Due to the ability of the carabiners to hook into the fence as well as to the sign via the metal grommets, they are a fantastic alternative for hanging a banner on a chain link fence.

Nylon Rope

Whether or not your banner has grommets, nylon rope is one of the most popular methods to hang them. Banners may be fastened to posts, fences, or hung from overhanging ceilings by feeding them through pole pockets or looping through grommets. Rope may be substituted with metal chains, fishing lines, and other strong materials.

Suction Cups and Hooks

Banners may be hung using suction cups on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Glass is the most typical surface on which they are applied. The suction cups include hooks that protrude and fit directly into your banner’s grommets. It is crucial to note that suction cups are not designed to hold big or massive banners. Larger banners may be too heavy for this display method’s suction capabilities.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are intended to be used for temporary fence banner displays (chain link fences are the best for this). We advise utilizing zip ties for informal outdoor events (such as fairs, food truck marketing, grand openings, sales, birthday celebrations, and more).

Since zip ties are more durable than bungee cords, rope, or clips, they are also more often utilized for longer periods of time. Simply thread the zip tie through the grommet and the anchor point of the location where you’ll be hanging the banner, then fasten it by tying the ends of the zip tie together. Simply cut the zip ties to remove it.

Hanging a Banner without Grommets

Grommets aren’t the only way you can hang a banner—there are a few other ways, such as:


You may add Velcro sticky strips to connect to the back of your banner. The strips are divided into two pieces, one of which sticks to the surface to which your banner will be attached and the other of which clings to the back. Velcro strips will work to secure your banner to a surface or to wrap them around it.

If you want to change out banners in the same display location often or if you want a banner without grommets on the borders, Velcro is a very practical option. Your banner may be easily hung on interior walls using Velcro.

When it comes to Velcro, be sure that it’s rated for the weight of your banner. It should indicate on the package the amount of weight that it can hold. In addition to Velcro, there are other products on the market, such as a very strong and sticky double sided tape.

Pole Pockets

The banner is folded over on itself and sewed to create pole pockets. You may either thread something through the pole pocket, such as a rope or cable or slip the banner over a pole and hang it from both ends—imagine the beginning of a procession when two people are carrying a suspended banner. You may choose to have pole pockets sewed on one or all four sides of your banner.

Which Banner Hanging Method is Right for You?

These are some of the most popular ways of hanging a banner that you should know about to maximize their visibility and get the desired benefits.

If you need a banner or help with hanging one, contact the experts at AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington. Over the years, we’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington businesses, individuals, and organizations create amazing and impactful monument signage.

If you’d like to learn more about our sign services, give us a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us on our website.

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