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8 Ways to Use QR Codes to Market Your Alexandria or Arlington Business

8 Ways to Use QR Codes to Market Your Alexandria or Arlington Business

Quick Response (QR) codes are one of the most effective and reliable ways of mobile marketing. Nowadays, you are likely to see a variety of QR codes in different marketing campaigns. 

The importance of QR codes in marketing has greatly increased due to the number of smartphones in use. Furthermore, advancements in tools and technologies have also made QR codes evolve in many different ways. 

Read on to learn more about how to use QR codes to accentuate your marketing efforts. 

How to Make a QR Code?

Before learning how to make a QR code, it is important to note that the placement of the QR code can affect its quality, effectiveness, and reach. 

For instance, it is logical to put a QR code on a business card so that people can easily scan it and reach your website. However, there is no point in placing a QR code on a billboard in a fast-traffic area. 

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to make your QR codes refer to the websites only. They can refer users to different types of internet links, apps, and texts. 

Creating a unique QR code is quick and easy. You can use popular websites like QR Code Generator or QRFY to create a QR code for free. After the QR code is generated, you can download the image and upload it to your website.

Guidelines to Maximize the Benefits of QR Codes

Follow these tips and tricks if you want to maximize the benefits of using QR codes for marketing:

Always lead people to mobile-friendly content. You should never send people who are scanning the QR code to a website that is not mobile-friendly. It will have a very negative impact on your marketing campaign. Simply put—a non-mobile-optimized website will not work well on a small mobile phone screen.

Place QR codes in locations where people can easily access and scan them. 

If you use the QR code in a digital format, such as email or website, make sure that it is relevant to the content you are talking about. Many marketers make the mistake of adding irrelevant QR codes in personalized emails.

The QR code size should be big enough to ensure everyone can see it easily, and mobile phones with lower camera quality can also scan them.

Generally, QR codes are made for all types of phones, but some of them might be limited to particular models, such as Android phones. If your QR code has any specific limitation, you should list it so that the users don’t get irritated when they cannot access it. 

Useful Ideas for Using QR Codes for Marketing

Following are eight reliable ideas you can implement to use QR codes for marketing.


When arranging a business meeting or a promotional conference, you should put a QR code and make it accessible to everyone. It will help people remember important information about your business. You should also give out business cards that have QR codes on them. 

Local Businesses

Placing a QR code on the door of your local business is a reliable and efficient way of reaching more people. Even if the business is closed, people can scan the QR code to learn more about your business, such as the working hours, number, and other such information. 


If you have arranged a giveaway where you are distributing products such as t-shirts, mugs, or other such things, you should put a QR code on them so that they are reminded of your business whenever they see the product.

Other Giveaway Products

Putting QR codes on larger products like t-shirts and mugs is useful for marketing purposes. However, if you give smaller products, such as keychains, you can still put a QR code on them. You will have to focus more on the design here to ensure the QR code does not seem awkward or ugly on a smaller product. 


Businesses tend to put up banners at many different locations, such as public places, convention tables, and numerous different spots. You should always put a large QR code on your banner to ensure anyone who sees it can scan it and access more information about your business. 


Car-related businesses (e.g., dealerships) should put a QR code on the windshield. It is better to make your QR code connected to the app or an appointment system so that anyone who scans the QR code can schedule an appointment quickly. 


Restaurants can use QR codes on their menu and other marketing materials. The QR code of a restaurant should ideally lead to the app where users can place the order. You can also offer coupons through it.


Email marketing is still very effective at reaching many people and expanding a business's customer base. You can combine the power of email marketing and QR codes by placing QR codes in your emails to ensure people who read your marketing messages can learn more about your business by scanning the QR code.

Marketing Help in Alexandria and Arlington

Let the professionals at AlphaGraphics of Alexandria and Arlington help you with your QR Code and associated marketing endeavors. Over the years, we’ve helped countless Alexandria and Arlington businesses, individuals, and organizations improve their marketing. If you’d like to learn more about our sign services, give us a call at (703) 549-2432 or contact us on our website.

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